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“Starbucks Racist Lady” – “Not a great representation of Walnut Creek.”

Thanks to a reader for pointing out a video as seen in this KRON4 article about a woman appearing to get angry at a Starbucks customers for speaking Korean:

It is really sad this kind of behavior still happens and still happens here. Simply put it is unacceptable and inappropriate behavior. Apparently she thinks it is ok to behave that way in our community. Not a great representation of Walnut Creek.

Apparently it took place on “North California near Target”. Note: the above photo is from a different Walnut Creek Starbucks.

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  • Unacceptable, and I’m glad she was recorded and shamed. We all deserve to feel safe in public. If I was in that Starbucks she would have for sure been confronted by a VERY upset liberal pacifist.

  • harold banks

    no not a good representation, but mental instabilities can be anywhere. wouldn’t worry about the town being shunned for one isolated mentally challenged individual.

  • Aimless

    I was going to make the same point as Harold Banks. I have seen numerous articles about this incident and not one mentioned that the lady was clearly mentally ill. I feel horrible for the students who had to endure very embarrassing racially-motivated comments when they were trying to study, but if you watch the video, it is obvious the woman making the comments was, at the very least, paranoid and delusional. For example, she was yelling “You’re all going to be in big trouble when I finish writing this letter!” while pounding on a number key over and over again. I don’t think it was anything to do with Walnut Creek, aside from the fact that mental illness can be found anywhere.

  • oodles

    Equality is paramount, and prevalent, yet an issue that is yjay I find somewhat entangled in this perspective, is; the government/State/DMV needs to stop the printing of the tests in the dozen or so languages they do, as this is a mockery, inappropriate,dangerous, and many other aspects, that lead to the dependence on one’s native tongue, no issue here, other than the laws of the land should represent our culture, which is English…get over your special-ness…we ALL have a culture to be proud of. Just cause the media calls out a skin color, THAT does not represent one’s culture.. as a paint color is not a culture. Respect ALL.Cease the political agendas, bs hyper sensitive cultural nuances of ‘what should be’,vs ‘what is’.
    Get over your respective self, skin color, ethnicity…be Nice…be Nice…..
    DMV, stop printing literature in other languages; as this is the USA. English is the word….enabling so many has ‘it’s’ consequences….
    Stop the print of all DMV literature; except in English, all will work out as it should.Be Nice….

  • Long Iive pork eater

    This woman is really a presentation of Walnut Creek. As a Asian woman, I personally encountered similar situation twice in WC downtown area. Worse yet, when white women attacked me (and my friends) we were just simply walking on the street. It must have a lot of “mentally ill” white women live in WC.

  • dylanfandan

    Ah, the dilemmas of an hierarchical humanism. Who gets our support in this situation, the clearly mentally ill or the victims of her delusions. Ah, but since her rant was racist–as opposed to say, Martian–the proud p.c.er’s in Walnut Creek feel obligated to weigh in.

  • over thewater

    I’m British Chinese and have never found WC to be anything other than friendly.