Project Pie Closes in Walnut Creek?

1590 Botelho Dr, Walnut Creek

It’s only been a few months since the pizzeria Project Pie opened in downtown Walnut Creek but according to a reader yesterday was their last day:

I went to Project Pie today and turns out it’s their last day. They said the rent is too high. They are looking for another place.

Their phone number has been disconnected and there is no mention of their Walnut Creek location on their website

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  • Elizabeth Mackey

    Walnut Creek has gotten way out of hand with rent prices, both commercial and residential. If Barnes and Noble can’t pay their rent, then that is saying something, now this. The other thing about this place though, is that the quality just isn’t there. I went in one day and took one look at the finished product of a customer, and walked right out. So, I imagine it just didn’t get enough clientele to make a go of it.

    • Eric K

      While I agree that rent has gotten out of control, I wouldn’t exactly use Barnes and Noble as the prime example, given their corporate struggles.

      • Elizabeth Mackey

        True, but the rather high rents, deter more independent retailers, that make a town more unique. Walnut Creek has turned into a giant uncovered mall. Visually a pretty town, but mall like none the less.

  • Kevin

    I am not surprised at all. We went a few times but didnt like it much. Overpriced and bad salads.
    The one in Hillcrest San Diego way better.

  • Mieke

    Rent high but BAD location!!!

  • Rob

    If they can put a multi-use building in there… with an upscale fitness clothing store, yet another Starbucks, some bistro with small plates and a sushi joint… along with million dollar plus townhouses, that would really fit Walnut Creek to a tee. But, that may be too boring for those looking for an edgier vibe. Ha ha !!!

  • Justin

    They had a “coming soon” sign for alcohol when they first opened. I went back a month later and the sign was gone. Not that alcohol is a requirement, but when I’m going out for pizza, I’ll pick the place that serves beer every time.

  • bb

    That’s always been a weird location–way too easy to forget it’s there on that forgotten corner. And, there may be some restrictions on signage, as even when AAA was there, you couldn’t tell whether or not it was open from just looking at the building–felt the same way about Project Pie–was it open, or not?