• WC Resident

    Good luck, PBK! With all the new, horrible apartments being crammed into downtown, the incoming locals won’t need (or be able to afford) a designer remodel…and potential customers won’t be able to find parking!

    Anyone notice how the towering hospital-like “Lyric” apartment building now almost completely blocks the giant “hey, park here!” (or whatever it says) banner on the side of the parking structure? I used to love this town… 🙁

    • Rachel

      I totally agree!!! I can’t wait to move now. Sadly ;(

  • momof3

    The Lyric is an utter monstrosity. And the new Broadway Plaza has such a sterile, cold, hard-edge feel to it. Tall, flat, 2-story walls from Nordstrom to Macy’s. There’s nothing graceful or warm or inviting about it. There’s no sense of place, or of Walnut Creek. You could be anywhere. The old mall was inviting, warm and charming, and like no place else.