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Thoughts on the Voting Process Yesterday


As I write this I don’t know the results of the election, but there were a couple of surprising situations I found out voting at an election poll. One is that, years ago without paying much attention, I previously registered to vote by mail which means I could not vote at the poll without filling out more paperwork to be used for a provisional ballot. (While I was filling out the paperwork numerous voters made the same mistake so I didn’t feel too bad). According to the election official I will have to register to vote again and select NOT to vote by mail if want to vote at the poll. If you check your eligibility to vote here, take note of the Permanent Vote by Mail Voter line.

Another awkward point is that there was little privacy when voting. I had expected a curtain or at least for my back to be facing a wall. But the way the table was set up, my back was facing towards the public area where people walking by could easily see my votes.

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