Pacific Catch Westcoast Fish House Opening End of Year in Downtown Walnut Creek

Agora at South Main, Walnut Creek

The restaurant Pacific Catch Westcoast Fish House is planning to open at the Agora at South Main apartment complex by the end of the year according to their operations coordinator. This is in the same complex where California Pizza Kitchen relocated to last summer. Check out their menu which features items like poke, sushi, fish & chips, salads, and sandwiches and more here.

From their website:

Pacific Catch is a modern, comfortable, Westcoast Fish House that combines fine-dining culinary experience with a casual California lifestyle. Dedicated to delivering high quality seafood with a unique perspective, the menu explores preparation styles and ingredients found throughout the Pacific. We also offer a variety of lunch and dinner “Chalkboard” specials and a rotation of promotions highlighting a specific region in the Pacific, or local, seasonal offerings.

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  • Old curmudgeon

    A reminder that the Walnut Creek Yacht Club is NOT a chain. This new restaurant is a chain….

  • Nick

    I’ve tried their Dublin location; not bad but for the price I feel you could get better dinners at WCYC or Yankee Pier.

  • This is one of my favorite quick seafood restaurants. I’ve been wishing they come to Walnut Creek for years.

  • Mr. Ken

    Chain or not, this place is great. When I worked in Pleasanton, their Dublin location was a favorite lunch place. Nice bar too.

  • TheRobin

    YES YES YESS!!! Love this place! I’ve been hoping for years that they would open one in WC…

  • AJ Buttacavoli

    No more chi-chi bistros! What we need is a McDonald’s!!!!!!