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No Joke – Adult Day Care Center Planned for Downtown Walnut Creek

1271 S. California Blvd, Walnut Creek

When I first read about this in the planning commission agenda I thought it was a joke but it’s true; an adult day care center is planning to open in downtown Walnut Creek where Baja Fresh used to be at the corner of S. California Blvd. and Botelho Dr. No word yet on who the first occupants will be. 🙂

From the agenda:

Trinity Center Temporary Adult Day Care Center Conditional Use Permit

The applicant is requesting approval of a use permit to allow temporary relocation of Trinity Center, currently located at 1860 Trinity Avenue, to a vacant 5,050 square-foot commercial building at 1271 S. California Boulevard, a 1.32-acre property located at the northwest corner of S. California Boulevard and Botelho Drive. The temporary relocation request relates to St. Paul’s Commons, a 45-unit affordable apartment project whose ground floor Trinity Center intends to occupy when the complex is completed in mid-2019. The applicant is proposing that the Conditional Use Permit to expire automatically on September 30, 2019.

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  • Gina Romantica

    Why would you think it’s a joke? Plenty of caregivers need a break now and then. You sound very ignorant.

  • Aimless

    Adult Day Care centers typically cater to senior citizens with Alzheimer’s, dementia, etc. who are being cared for by a family member in their homes. As Gina said, they provide socialization and other therapeutic activities while giving the full-time caregiver a much-needed break.

    • Randy C

      Aimless , the Trinity Center are telling people that it is a adult day care. What they forget to say it is for the pre-screen homeless about 30-40 people that will use this site for the next two years.

  • Yikes ahootie

    This is for the homeless folk at Trinity.

  • Sara Born

    This appears to be related to Trinity Center and their construction of a new center with very affordable housing and a homeless outreach center. I think it will be used to serve meals to the homeless?

  • Mary Fouts

    Joke? As others have posted, many Adult Day Care centers are lifesavers for family members caring for loved ones with dementia-related diseases, with Alzheimer’s Disease – for which there currently is no cure – accounting for 60% to 80% of cases. In the late states of Alzheimer’s, individuals lose the ability to carry on conversations, no longer recognize loved ones and friends, and generally can no longer respond to their environment. That is beyond heartbreaking.

    I don’t know what Trinity Center intends to do with the building. But Adult Day Care Centers and dementia-related diseases are matters to laugh or joke about. I hope neither you nor any of your friends or loved ones are ever afflicted by these horrible diseases.

  • Anne Ornelas

    No joke? No, of course not. As others have noted, this is an important place for people affected by dementia, Alzheimers or other disabling diseases that take their toll on the human and their caregivers. We need more free or low cost options for those who need this kind of support.

    • Randy C

      Sorry Ann Ornelas, the site will be for 30 to 40 pre-screened homeless people. Not a adult day care center

      • Anne Ornelas

        And so there’s a problem with that too?

        • Randy C

          it’s not a problem for me, but I’m guessing if you live near the site its will be their problem for the neighbors for the next two years. Also, it really doesn’t matter what I think. The city council if all for a homeless/daycare/service center To be built in WC .

  • PK

    It is for the homeless who use their present location. It is not an Adult Day Care Center for Seniors unless they are homeless.

  • Yikes ahootie
  • Randy C

    First, Lets not be fooled what this about to happen. This is not a day care center for adults. Call it what you want. It’s a homeless day care center for about 30 to 40 pre- screened adults that will have showers, lockers and bedding. All the other ho less people in walnut creek are one thier own. If you have concerns, Call:
    Trinity Center
    Helping Those without a Home
    1924 Trinity Avenue
    Walnut Creek, CA 94596
    Phone: (925) 949-8712
    Fax: (925) 949-8713
    Hours and Services
    Monday – Friday 8 am to 5 pm
    – breakfast, lunch, laundry, showers, clothing shed, food pantry (food pantry closed on Thursday), volunteer assistance.
    Wednesday – 12 noon to 4 pm – WOMEN ONLY
    Volunteer Director: Carol Lombard, email: carol@trinitycenterwc.org
    Speaker’s Bureau – Donna Colombo, email: donnac@trinitycenterwc.org