Mike Hess Brewing Coming to Orchards Shopping Center in Walnut Creek

Orchards Shopping Center, Walnut Creek

Thanks to everyone for sending word and photos that San Diego-based Mike Hess Brewing is coming to the Orchards shopping center in Walnut Creek. It turns out that Mike Hess is a Northgate High graduate so I can see how they decided to open in this spot. Check out this Brewbound article for more information on Mike Hess Brewing, check out their beer selection here and find out more about their brewery here.

From their website:

As the city’s first production nano-brewery – and its 33rd brewery – opening in summer in 2010, Mike Hess Brewing quickly built a solid reputation for great beers and a unique brewery and tasting room experience. After outgrowing Miramar’s production, Mike, his wife Lynda and his brother Greg launched the North Park brewery, welcoming our first visitors in August of 2013 after 18 months of construction. The OB location, located just blocks from Dog Beach, opened in November of 2015.

Our tasting rooms are family and pet friendly, and are staffed by some of the best beertenders in the industry. Whether a beer geek or novice, our friendly staff will make you feel right at home and happily walk you through our lineup of truly hand-crafted, well thought out beers. We offer tasting flights, beer by the glass as well as packaged beer – bottles and cans – or a 32 oz canned “Purrowler” of any draft beer to take beer home with you if you like.

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  • Jason Watson

    Will this be a tasting room (similar to Calicraft) or is this going to be a full bar & grill?

  • Old curmudgeon

    Calicraft does well and they all pile on. Unlike Calicraft this is another chain import, this time from San Diego.

    • Tom Stieber

      Well, I think “chain” is pushing the definition a bit. They have two tasting rooms and a brewery facility in San Diego, and Mike Hess is a Walnut Creek native who went to nearby Northgate High School. So they’re very much a small but popular local brewery in San Diego (where I now also live, and I also went to Northgate). I’d say any of us who grew up in the area and wanted to open a business in our old neighborhood should still qualify as ‘locals’ and not ‘imports.’ 🙂

      • Nick Andrade

        Good to know the history. MHB didn’t exist when I lived in San Diego, but I’ve had their beer since then and was always impressed. I hear their brewery in SD is quite nice. Very cool to hear that he was an East Bay local.

    • Greg Hess

      Hello O.C- just to add a little clarity both Mike and I grew up in Walnut Creek. I lived in the San Miguel and the downtown area for 38 years before moving to San Diego. We are really excited about bringing our beers “home” closer to our family and many friends we have in the area. I hope to see your support too! _Greg Hess

      • Thomas uchacz

        Greg looking forward to stopping in and trying your beer. When do you think you will be open?


      • Blaise Lamoureux

        Thanks for coming back. I’m looking forward to this.