Liberty Bell Popup Plaza Opening Soon in Downtown Walnut Creek

The City of Walnut Creek has approved six popup kiosks at Liberty Bell Plaza in downtown Walnut Creek where Il Fornaio is located at the corner of Mt. Diablo Blvd. and Broadway. They have recently been installed; check out what they look like in the photo above. According to a new website promoting the kiosks:

Liberty Bell Plaza, will become Pop Up Plaza, and provide an opportunity for retail designers actively looking to enter the Walnut Creek area, but have been unsuccessful in finding an available location. The plaza is designed to be a collection of designers and brands not available in the East Bay. The project will be kept fresh and exciting by limiting the opportunity to one through three month.

The Liberty Bell design incorporated into the kiosk design is a nice touch:

Stay tuned for which popups will be opening… What would you like to see at these kiosks?

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  • Elizabeth Mackey

    What a great idea! Can’t wait to see what comes to them.

    • Yes, can’t wait to check it out, if you see something open early please let me know, thanks!

  • Pete Johnson

    Another example of more retail square footage over people square footage. Seems like an interesting holiday experiment but, in my opinion, hopefully not a permanent fixture. Liberty Bell Plaza is a fine example of a larger space for people to gather as witnessed on summer evenings and many days with families with kids enjoying the openness and fountain and shoppers taking a break from adding sales tax funds to our City. The City claims it wants a new downtown plaza but has not settled on a location and may never get around to it. So why mess with this one?