Le Virage Murals in Walnut Creek

Last week I pointed out that the colorful murals from the now closed French restaurant Le Virage in Walnut Creek have been painted over. Several months before this happened I took extensive photos of the murals and looking back I find them pretty darn cool, don’t you think? They covered the entire building, in the back and on the second floor as well. It’s too bad they are now gone. For those that didn’t see the earlier post, you can check out a mural from the inside here.

Facing N. Main St:

Notice that even the hinges are painted:

Check out more photos of the mural including the Eiffel Tower after the jump…

Check out the juggler:

The top part of the Eiffel Tower is actually separated by several feet:

In the back:

Does anyone know what these murals are? I imagine they are from scenes in France. Has anyone dined at Le Virage? How was it? What did you think of the murals at that time?