La Sen Bistro Opening in Downtown Walnut Creek Mid April

1606 N. Main St, Walnut Creek

Concord-based La Sen Bistro, featuring French-Vietnamese cuisine, is opening a new location in downtown Walnut Creek where Ottavio used to be and are expecting to open in mid-April. Check out their menu here. I look forward to trying this place out; has anyone been to their Concord location?

From their website:

In the Vietnamese language, La Sen means “lotus leaves,” but it also represents a deeper meaning. We aim to encompass a type of French cooking that has no defined borders and seamlessly marries influences of the French, the Vietnamese, and the diversity of the Bay Area. Our philosophy is quite simple: Cooking comes from the intuition, imagination, and passion for good food.

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  • Ron Weiss

    Wife and I have tried La Sen in Concord twice but have never gone back. Great food, good prices, but the service has always been sub-par. Lack of common sense service just ruins the dining experience for us. Not just us, but look at all the Yelp reviews that complain about the same problem. Why they cannot figure it out is beyond me.

  • Tyler SP

    We’ve been to the Concord location twice and loved it. Very delicious! Try the Coq au Vin. And I believe this is the same location where there was a French bistro before Ottavio moved in. We loved that place, too!

  • Nick

    My wife and I were just at the Concord location this past weekend, and we had a great meal (Steak Tartar, Moules a la Creme, & Duck Confit with good vino). The service we received was good, so maybe the issues Ron faced have been addressed. The server knew about this opening and had mentioned it to a table next to us.

    A little too pricey to be an every day place, but we’d definitely would go again.

  • Tom S

    We have been there several times since they first opened and agree the food is very good and pricing is definitely fair for the quality/portion. We would go there more often but the service is hit or miss. It has been a few months since we have been there, good to see some recent positive experiences on the service, hopefully those issues are fixed.