Jade Garden Loses Lease – “To say our neighborhood is mad and getting more upset is a vast understatement”

From a reader:

Someone on the NextDoor app posted a notice that Jade Garden, located next to the ‘new’ Whole Foods on Ygnacio in Walnut Creek was being forced to close.
When WF negotiated their lease, they have a clause that states all other restaurants in the complex cannot renew their lease. Jade Garden, a part of our neighborhood for over 30 years, is being forced to move/close because Whole Foods does not want the competition. This also means the other long-term restaurants in the complex will need to close over time. These are businesses run by families that live in our community. Our neighborhood has always been good about embracing these businesses and supporting them with our patronage.

To say our neighborhood is mad and getting more upset is a vast understatement.
To my eye, this flies in the face of how WF presents itself to the public. They come across as this good neighbor, supporting local farmers/food producers and the community…but here they are putting clauses in to shut out competition and essentially ruin local businesses. It’s disgusting.

There is a WC Planning Commission meeting tomorrow to review this change (and the pending new AAA office taking the space)…Regency Partners and WF may be shocked at the turn out

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