J.Jill Moving to New Spot in Broadway Plaza


Back in January I noted that Arden B. was closing in Broadway Plaza in downtown Walnut Creek and now J.Jill will be moving from around the corner next to Crate & Barrel to this new location. The planned open date is July 18th. The new location is right on the main drag across from Banana Republic and next to J. Crew so this is a better location but what happens when Broadway Plaza closes to remodel?

J.Jill old location in Broadway Plaza:

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  • Elizabeth Mackey

    I’m super confused how they are going to revamp that part of the plaza. Are they actually leveling the structures or keeping the footprint and refacing and building up? It seems so daunting to think that those two strips are going to be redone. Will it be done in sections? What about Banana Republic, who just remodeled their whole store? I was really hoping that J. Crew mens would take that spot, not J.Jill. Once upon a time J.Jill was a fun store and I shopped there, now ever since Talbots bought them, the clothing has turned matronly and shapeless. So I suppose it does deserve a down grade in location. I wonder what will take its place.

    • Interesting, when I dropped in it seemed to be targeting Talbot shoppers. Makes perfect sense that they own them!

      My guess is that the stores will be completely leveled and rebuilt from scratch. I also imagine they will start with the less-trafficked side where See’s is first. I bet the old location will have a higher rent if that part won’t be remodeled.

  • Peter Tsui

    I too hope J Crew mens would take that spot. 🙁