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In-N-Out Burger No Longer Coming to Walnut Creek

2nd Ave. & N. Main St, Walnut Creek

Thanks to everyone who sent word that In-N-Out Burger is no longer coming to Walnut Creek. Last month we learned that a development was planned for the corner of 2nd Ave. and Main St. anchored by In-N-Out Burger but according this SFGate article the developer dropped plans for In-N-Out, “citing neighbors’ “concerns and anxiety”.

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  • Justin

    That’s unfortunate. I was really looking forward to being able to walk to In-N-Out. :

  • Yikes ahootie

    Why can’t it go into the old McDonald’s downtown?

    • Randy C

      because for years , the city of WC didn’t want McDonald in the downtown. too many problems with the homeless there. and because the city wants that land from chevron and the sport store so it can be redeveloped

  • Steve

    I am bummed out too. Massey’s such a dive and In and Out in Concord far away and long lines. NIMBY’s win again.

    • PLC

      Massey’s isn’t going anywhere, this parcel is adjacent to them. I respect your opinion but would you want it (quite literally for some neighborhood residents) in your back yard? I am not anti-development but in an area already over-saturated with drive-through fast food restaurants, car dealerships and other establishments better suited to highway strip malls surely the developer can work with the city to find a better use for this parcel.

  • Joyce Espara

    Yeah the traffic is horrible around here and we can’t have long lines of cars blocking more. Plus there is one only 5 minutes away

  • colmert

    I am ever so grateful. The increase in traffic in an already congested neighborhood would have been unbearable.