In-N-Out Burger Planning to Come to Walnut Creek

2nd Ave. & N. Main St, Walnut Creek

Plans are in the works for In-N-Out Burger to come to the corner of 2nd Ave. and Main St. in Walnut Creek where Devil Mountain Cyclery used to be. According to this East Bay Times article, the development will include a “new Starbucks, and upgrades to an existing building currently housing Masses Sports Bar & Grill and several offices.” In the above photo you can see the Masses Sports Bar building in the background. The article points out that the Starbucks “would have no indoor seating and be accessible through a separate drive-through and walk-up window”.

I look forward to a closer In-N-Out but worry about the additional traffic.

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  • Old curmudgeon

    Aaaaaat laaaast the In and Out will come. (With apologies to Etta James)

    I may well increase my usually quite low burger input as I these are the only reasonably priced fast food chain burgers I can tolerate. Burger and fries or just animal fries and take it next door to Masses to enjoy with a brewed libation.

  • ClaironCrumpet

    This is far enough out of downtown that I don’t imagine the traffic will be terrible. Considering how much business Chick Fil A a block away already gets without spilling out of their (admittedly huge) parking lot, this should be fine compared to the city proper.

    • Randy C

      Traffic is far and might not be terrible. For whom? Try living off of North main st and see if you like it. The City needs to get the stick out of their ass and stop thinking North Main is the dumping grounds for business they don’t want any any other part of WC. Last, drive on Jones Rd and you will see about 200 cars parked there during the day. Why? Because the city looks the other way because of the car dealer. If they want to build it , but it in Orinda.

      • ClaironCrumpet

        Looking elsewhere in this thread I’m realizing that I’ve never been in that neck of the woods during commute hours. My experience with WC traffic has entirely been the weekend and christmas-shopping-season gridlock through downtown. If this is a major commuter on-ramp spot, that puts a very different slant on this news…

        • Randy C

          Thanks for understanding. It’s the city of Walnut Creek that won’t address the issue here.

  • UJ

    They have applied for a permit, but this project is far from being approved. I live off of Second Avenue, in the Larkey Park neighborhood, and this is an unnecessary location for an In-n-Out. The traffic entering the freeway off of Treat Blvd. is already a mess, incorporating two on-ramps for the southbound traffic, and two traffic signals to enter northbound traffic.

    Additionally, the proposed In-n-Out/Starbucks location would be on the residential side of the Second Avenue intersection, which is completely counter intuitive to every other In-n-Out location currently in use, which are almost always located on the freeway side of any intersection. This would undoubtedly cause additional traffic to overflow into the surrounding residential neighborhoods.

    I am strongly opposed to this project, as there are already two East Bay (680 Freeway) In-n-Out locations, in Pleasant Hill/Concord and San Ramon, and there is already a Starbucks across North Main Street, next to Walgreens.

    • Randy C

      I wish you luck.

  • Barbosa

    While In-n-out is certainly a step up from the BurgerKing McD dreck, was hoping for a SuperDuper to come here.

  • Jack

    Good news! I am happy they are coming and don’t have to go all the way to Sun Valley Mall now.

  • Chris

    We live nearby and I use this part of north main at least twice a day and while I have nothing against in n out this could not be a worse location. I can not think of a single in n out that is this close to residential neighborhoods and the traffic on this street at certain times of the day are horrible!!!!! This is a main thoroughfare for 680 traffic back-up. A HUGE 24 hour fitness that is busy continuously plus chick filet and giant car haulers that park in the center lane to unload cars for all the dealerships. Really, you want to put the most popular fast food chain with lines that wind down the street in the evenings in this area??? Don’t try to tell me that the city did a viable traffic assessment at the proper times of day of this passed. This is not an option period!

  • OrindaSucks

    Anyone whining about the traffic on N. Main, obviously doesn’t have to deal with Ygnacio Valley. There are always NIMBYs that will poo poo anything. N. Main is the perfect location for this kind of business.

    • Old curmudgeon

      They could have tried to locate in Ygnacio Plaza just off YVR with the @#$%^! intersection at San Carlos and TWO John Muir hospital traffic lights. Traffic Planning at it’s worst.

    • JB_WC

      If you like traffic jams to Freeway on-ramps yes this is a prefect location. Most people would not like to spend extra time waiting for Starbucks, in-n-out burger drive thru traffic before they get on to a freeway. Have you tried to cross that part of Main Street as a pedestrian? It’s dangerous.

  • I’m so torn. I live close to here. I want an In-and-out 5 minutes from my house SO BAD. But traffic…gosh, the traffic would be a nightmare.

    Why can’t I have nice things? 🙁

  • JB

    Agreed, poor choice for an in-n-out/ StarBucks due to traffic. 24 hour fitness has caused jams at rush hour Main St.northbound. Residents and commuters in this neighborhood can expect longer commutes southbound if this goes through. Anyone leading efforts to block this?