Impulse Room Jazz Club Coming to Downtown Walnut Creek

1501 N. Broadway, Walnut Creek

Impulse Room, a new jazz club featuring live musical performances and a wine and beer bar is coming to downtown Walnut Creek possibly in late summer in the space formerly occupied by UFC Gym at the corner of N. Broadway and Lincoln Ave. Check out updates on their Facebook page here. Check out their web site here for more details about Lounge Tuesdays, Saturday Night Dance and more.

From their website:

[Impulse Room] is an upscale 21 and older Jazz Club specializing in live musical performances by inspired artists. We feature a really nice Wine & Beer bar, along with an assortment of coffees and teas. There is a dance floor for those wanting to move to the beat and FREE Wifi for those that want to conduct informal business. We do have a strict dress code policy and we are dedicated to maintaining a friendly and comfortable place to listen to all forms of jazz music. There is an $18.00 cover charge at the door which includes a complimentary buffet for a designated period of time.

From the owner:

I really want this place to provide a sense of discovery for those visiting us. Unlike forums that attempt to draw big names, we are looking to be a showcase for original and vibrant performances of all types. All the artwork is original as well and can only be found here. I just secured a renowned artist, he is on the facebook page of ours and the site.


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  • WC

    Nice! I’m so there. The website is nice and the concept seems well thought out.

  • Old curmudgeon

    The old Chili’s site or the Pyramid site would have been a better location. Probably unrealistic rent and rehabilitation costs would make these un-tenant-able for a jazz club.

    • Nickelodeon

      The Pyramid site would be way too big and cost would be much higher than this spot, which has lots of windows and would draw a decent “walk-in” crowd. I am guessing they are getting some investment from the landlord to update the space. Not familiar with the Chili’s spot but I am guessing it’s also bigger than they need. I’d think the biggest issue would be a liquor license – hopefully that’s not a risk. Fingers crossed this doesn’t get co-opted by the saturday night set that invades the creek and makes it a slightly scary place at night.

      • Jennifer Wharton

        Lol, Walnut Creek scary at night. That’s pretty funny

  • Paula Martersteck

    I am so excited about the idea of a jazz club in Walnut Creek! I regularly attend jazz events in Oakland, Berkeley and San Francisco and scout out cool shows to post to a 1,900-member group of jazz and blues fans… so the idea of there being a new (and much-needed) jazz venue in Walnut Creek really gives me hope. But what does the dress code entail? How dressy does someone have to be to get in? That could be a real turn-off for many of my group members, who dress decently but comfortably. .. Aside from that, I’m excited by the possibilities here and will be eager to see which musicians this new venue books. (And hey, if they need suggestions on whom to book, I’d be happy to offer some – hint, hint – even though I am neither a professional nor an aspiring promoter, just a die-hard music fan.)

  • Mike M

    I’m looking forward to good love music in WC. It’s kind of a funky venue though, Stelle (closed) on locust would be much better.