Impulse Room Jazz Club Closer to Opening in Downtown Walnut Creek

1501 N. Broadway, Walnut Creek

I noticed new signage up at the upcoming jazz club and lounge Impulse Room that we learned would be coming to downtown Walnut Creek. According to their Facebook page “it looks like 2 1/2 weeks of construction and however long it will take to get final inspections.” Find out more about the club and wine/beer bar at their website here. On there it notes an April opening. Stay tuned…

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  • Building is looking sharp. I got a serious snob vibe from the previous version of the website, which had some loose, catty commentary about non-jazz genres. Glad they edited that out – there’s really no reason for artists to tear each other down.

    Should be fun to see how the Stadium Pub crowd gets along with the Impulse Club crowd.

  • Dogbolter

    $18 entry fee, every night, wow!

    • Peter Baron

      Hi Dogbolter. Yes, that is because part of that $18.00 gets someone free food for a 2 hour period. Also 3 days of the week that is live entertainment from accomplished performers. Then on Saturday there is dancing