• Oh good, more competition for the six dozen other Japanese restaurants.

  • Randy C

    Great, just what downtown needs, another restaurant. Where is the chamber of commerce? Why are there so many empty store fronts in Walnut Creek. Is it because of the homeless population that has taken over downtown?

    • roccobiale

      I’m a Board member of the Chamber…..Storefronts are empty because of staggering rents…

      • Randy C

        Then you as the Chamber need to think out side the box. You can’t have run down store fronts in the downtown and think business will come. Just look at Crograns, homeless have taken over the property.

  • tabe123

    Really? Six dozen?I’m not aware of 72 other Japanese restaurants in WC. Other than Hiroshi Ramen, there is not one Japanese-owned restaurant. It probably doesn’t matter because most people can’t tell the difference or don’t care, but there is seriously no authentic Japanese cuisine (other than the ramen shop) this side of the tunnel. I am of Japanese ancestry, and any native Japanese person will tell you this!

    • William

      Hanazen in Orinda

      • fionoodle

        Jo’s sushi in Pleasant Hill is also owned operated by Japanese.

    • TheRobin

      There is absolutely nothing to indicate that this new restaurant will be Japanese owned. I for one, would like to see something other than Japanese-style food. WC has an overflowing amount of those already.

      • Jose Vergara

        It is Japanese owned.

    • WCKev

      We won’t have real Japanese cuisine in Walnut Creek besides Ramen Hiroshi but that’s okay. The folks who live here aren’t asking for it. At least not enough of them for business to be sustainable. I hoped Izakaya Jun would be successful but it was too Japanese for the area and closed up shop. I’ll continue to go on the other side of tunnel, San Mateo, or South Bay if I want to enjoy Japanese food that’s not compromised in terms of preparation and technique, quality, variety, and of course taste.

    • Jose Vergara

      They are actually real Japanese. Good sign. Trying the sushi right now. They agreed to open before 5:00pm for us. Place is simple, but the sushi. hef is extraordinaire.