Grocery Shopping during the Coronavirus Pandemic

When it comes to grocery shopping it’s basically impossible to maintain six feet social distancing orders. I’m glad Trader Joe’s in downtown Walnut Creek limited access to maintain space but even so I felt really uncomfortable as I browsed aisle after aisle so close to people trying to stock up on groceries. I wondered if they had the virus, and they no doubt furtively glanced at me thinking the same.

At Safeway the following day I decided to wear an N-95 mask that I had for last year’s Bay Area fires, and although it was rather uncomfortable and awkward, especially at first, the peace of mind after the trip made it worthwhile. I did notice people giving me more space which worked out well. Am I being a bit neurotic? It seemed like the majority of people were not wearing masks but were concerned, and a few people had little concern at all.

How do you find grocery shopping these days?