GRATiAE Skin Care Opening Soon in Broadway Plaza

GRATiAE, an organic skin care company from Israel is opening soon in Broadway Plaza in downtown Walnut Creek. From their website:

The genius of GRATiAE comes from successfully combining Gratiae thermal spring mineral water with Sea of Galilee native flora and organic plants. These ingredients, orchestrated by top leading biotechnology engineers, create a superior skin care line that promotes healthy, young, radiant and beautiful skin.

Check out a preview of the inside below:

GRATiAE is located at 1272 Broadway Plaza near Macy’s.

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  • Elizabeth Mackey

    Why can’t something more interesting open up at the Broadway Plaza??? There are too many beauty/skin stores as it is. Bare Escentuals , L’Occitaine, Aveda, bath and body works, i bar, Sephora, not to mention Nordstrom, Macy’s and Nieman Marcus having huge cosmetic counters!!!! I wonder sometimes what goes on when they bring a new store to the BP. Like I mentioned before, why not bring in Paper Source, and get rid of the dowdy Hallmark??
    I’m kind of disappointed that yet again, we get another odd shop. I usually can guess how long it will be around. This one may make it through Christmas if they are lucky!

    • Burberry is right nearby which is a classy addition, but I wonder now that there are plans to tear that section down and rebuild is scaring potential retailers away until it’s finished. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Swatch store around there.

      • Elizabeth Mackey

        How soon do they plan to tear that section down? They said ages ago that they were going to tear down Chevron, McDonalds and Big 5 to possibly build a boutique hotel, which by the way, I think Walnut Creek needs. Also they were talking about tearing down that corner where Anthropologie is going to be. Are they really going to rip up the Broadway Plaza???

        • I believe the Chevron section is part of the Walnut Creek long range plan for future development, while the Broadway Plaza development is driven by the BP owners, who have tied into getting the city to sell them the street that intersects so it can be turned into a pedestrian walkway. I guess we’ll find out in future city hearings.

  • Elizabeth Mackey

    Go read the reviews on Amazon about this product. Not good, and the price!!!! Some of the serums are $500.00. Now that I read about them, I don’t know if they will make it to Christmas. You can go to Whole Foods and get Organic cosmetics for a fraction of the cost!

    Here is what one customer found:

    1.0 out of 5 stars These products contain ingredients the US and Canadian governments and research scientists say are toxic, February 19, 2012
    By Truth Insister (USA) – See all my reviews
    This review is from: Gratiae Organics Replenishing Eye Serum, 1.02 Ounce (Misc.)
    If you google their ingredients at the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database (based out of DC. It’s you will find that their first listed ingredients (which means they are the majority ingredients) have neuro- and endocrine toxicity. For example: “Suspected to be an environmental toxin and be persistent or bioaccumulative.” The database also lists the PubMed studies and provides a link to all the research you can investigate yourself.

    They basically threw industrial silicones into vitamin oils and pretty-packaged it. My daughter came home from the mall with three products after spending $750. She was railroaded. They give you a story that Celine Dion uses these products (they mail them to her, they say). I wonder if Celine Dion knows they are using her name. I think they’re crooks. Their products are bogus. And the glowing reviews are probably the vendor’s friends. Don’t go near them.

    I am writing this so mothers can warn their daughters, and friends can tell friends.

    EDIT: Vinyldimethicone Crosspolymer is a plastic. There is NOTHING organic about it.

    • Eyalgoory

      You are so poor. You don’t know nothing about skin care tho,
      I LOVE this products – and if you think to go to Amazon to buy it
      they will probably sell you something fake, like Gucci watch for 40$
      that you can get there too.
      Good luck to you in your life – and btw, Its Certified Organic !

      • Guest

        learn to read sweetie. INCLUDES certified organic ingredients. pretty obvious distinction, but they succeed in fooling folks like you.

        to the above reviewer, Elizabeth–of course it’s not worth hundreds, but the ingredients certainly aren’t dangerous compared to other skincare products. cyclopentasilixane is found in a ton of skincare and cosmetics–it’s no-risk unless used in excess, like everything else in life.

        Also, it’s pretty hard to avoid silicones in skincare–vinyl dimethicone crosspolymer has been praised for its multifunctional benefits compared to other silicones. unless you make your own shampoos out of paranoia, it’s be pretty hypocritical to bash common ingredients you probably use every single day.

      • Elizabeth Mackey

        I can go to Whole Foods for certified Organic skin care. Hooray for you that you can blow hundreds of dollars on skin care products. I have walked by this place many times, and see no one in there. I give this store not even a year and it will be closed.

        • c. c.

          I agree…i bought a lot of product with the promise of emails to help explain how to use and timing on when to use which product and when…. To date no email…no customer service. This is a scam and the men dishonest and don’t care about customer service. If they did they would assist unhappy customers and return product they people aren’t happy with.

  • Shauna

    Guys I was thinking the way u do ,and I bought the product online like a fool for 19.99 and got a product with no expiration date on it !!!! The product are expensive but they works if u buy it from the store . I even got one product which I didn’t like and they exchange it without any problem .

  • jina

    Walnut creek guys r amazing !!! they changed the way my skin look like and u know what ?? i dont care how much it cost . i have spent over 30,000 $$$ for the last 20 years on cosmetic without any results !!! Shay the trainer is one of a kind and the other guys r just nice , home feeling .

  • c.c.

    false advertising…poor customer service and a scam. Good companies stand behind customer service and when a client spends a significant amount of money on a product and aren’t happy with the service or product….they except the product back. They don’t tell you that you can’t return anything and Shay the main trainer promises to send emails with instructions….but doesn’t. This product has no material that comes with it to assist in keeping track of how to use it properly. I was also told that all ingredients are organic…to find out that they aren’t. A post below from Shay (jiny) confirms this…

    warning….don’t go into this store. If you are interested in the product go to another distribution center….like Amazon…cheaper and they accept returns.

    this store and the men who claim many things that aren’t true….will be gone soon.

    • Shay

      This is shay . There is not even one customer which I promised to send directions and didn’t received them .

  • chump

    These people are the biggest scam artists! I consider myself a complete chump for falling prey to their heavy sales tactics. I ended up with $400.00 worth of worthless skincare products. I came home and googled the products to find no information on them other than a bogus looking website. The products don’t work, and this entire operation is bogus. Stay away!