Gott’s Roadside Opens in Downtown Walnut Creek

1275 S. Main St, Walnut Creek

The eagerly anticipated opening of Napa-based Gott’s Roadside in downtown Walnut Creek is today and with long communal tables in the center as well as private tables at the perimeter and outdoor tables there should be plenty of space to grab a spot to try their new vegetarian Impossible burger (amazing!) or one of their classic burgers or salads. Check out their menu here. For those who have been to one of their other locations such as the Ferry Building in San Francisco, the food and ordering process is the same (with the vibrating disc alerting you to go to the far side for pickup). A bar is located conveniently nearby to grab a drink while watching the latest game. I’ve had many burgers at Gott’s which I’ve always enjoyed but I was pleasantly surprised by the Impossible Burger. It really exceeded my expectations. Take a look at a close up of the burger after the jump as well as plenty more photos.

Plenty more photos after the jump…

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  • Gina Romantica

    WHY are all the new restaurants like this? Standing in lines, horrible uncomfortable seating. I guess the days of the old sit down get waited on in comfortable booths is over. Guess I’ll be doing more eating at home.

    • WC

      The activists pushing the move to a “livable wage”, whatever that is… In cities with a $15 min, lots of restaurants have converted to counter service to limit the number of employees required to lower overall labor costs. Look for more of these places to enjoy soon!

      • Gina Romantica

        Makes sense, thanks

      • Alec

        I mean, Gott’s has always been counter service since its inception, so I don’t know why you’re railing about this here. If Cheesecake Factory goes counter service, rant then.

    • Shaun M.

      This is not a new restaurant (just new to the area), it originally opened in the 1940s as a burger joint and the current look and feel has been about the same since the late 1990s

      • Tom Stieber

        Exactly! Nothing really ‘new’ about the format or decor at all.

  • Dogbolter

    Oh goody, another pseudo fast food joint, with a cold, uninviting, industrial look and feel. And with an extra bonus that I can line up to get my food, like a school cafeteria. I can’t wait to never go there.

    • OrindaSucks

      You have never actually eaten at Gott’s? The food quality is outstanding, the overall atmosphere is fun a “buzzy”, and the bench/booth setup outside looks plenty comfortable for a “quick” burger and beer… Also, I too can’t wait for you to never go there…

      • Tom Stieber

        Agreed! The one in the City has a great patio facing the skyline. Cheapest place for a great view on the waterfront! As for the ‘cafeteria’ complaint — the original location in St Helena was a walk up sort of place, much like the old Fosters Freeze places were. So it’s part of the nostalgia from the 1940s, just with a more modern atmosphere. But the exterior actually looks a bit like from the ‘olden days.’

      • Dogbolter

        Wow personal attacks now, I guess your opinion is the only one that counts.

        • OrindaSucks

          I was just agreeing with your declaration to never go there… wow indeed

  • Steve

    Gott’s is great. I can’t wait to go!