GODIVA Opens in Broadway Plaza, Soft Serve Ice Cream Available

Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek

The Belgium chocolate shop GODIVA opened recently in Broadway Plaza in downtown Walnut Creek. I didn’t realize that in addition to chocolates, they also offer soft serve ice cream. Considering that it was a hot day, and I am a fan of both soft serve ice cream, AND chocolate is my favorite flavor, I felt a gigantic urge to get a scoop. At $6 it’s not the cheapest cone I’ve had but you can choose a chocolate dipped waffle cone for no extra charge. As I licked the delicious ice cream (see below), I had alternating thoughts running through my mind… “mmm, this is SO good”, and “there must be 1000 calories in this thing, OMG, I need to join a cycling gym or go for a run”. They also offer chocolate dipped strawberries and a frequent buyer’s card, buy six soft serves or drinks, get one free.



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  • Primrose DeVille

    You could buy two pints of Talenti sorbet or Ben and Jerry’s for the price of a scoop at this place. Then add in the parking fee at Broadway Plaza. No thanks, I’ll pass. I never thought much of their chocolates anyway, taste waxy.

  • Nick

    Wow, $6 is steep, even for high end ice cream. I’d be curious to try it once, but I don’t think I’d be getting it regularly no matter how good it actually is (I’m more of a Valrhona fan than a Godiva one anyways).