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Friday Question of the Day – Will Apple Relocate to Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek?

Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek

It’s been known for a while now that California Pizza Kitchen would be relocating from their Broadway Plaza location around the corner and in fact the few stores located next to the fountain will also be relocating to make room for a new 12,000 foot store. In the latest city filings Broadway Plaza supplied renderings for this new store aka “Tenant X”. I have heard plenty of talk about Apple moving to this spot and by the look of these renderings it sure seems like this is tailor-made for Apple. What do you think, will Apple relocate to Broadway Plaza? Should they?

Rendering of Tenant X from Broadway Plaza:

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  • Tim E

    Rendering doesn’t look that great and can’t tell where you would get the 12,000 square feet from nor can I see Apple in this space. Would expect them to want to announce themselves visually loud and clear with a bold larger store front then what is rendered. Underwhelming at best compared to what is currently around the California Pizza Kitchen and what is going in at the old B&N store.

    • Alec

      The building would have a large basement. And if you look at Apple’s newest stores, particularly in San Francisco and their upcoming Chicago location, you can see this fits their new prototype to a T.

      • Gregg McVicar

        And a forest back to the fountain!

    • Gregg McVicar

      B&N (once the site of Kentucky Fried Chicken!) will be come Anthropology. If you’ve ever seen their store on State Street in Santa Barbara, you’ll know that it will be exotic.

  • Old curmudgeon

    Those who prefer open source based software could care less……

    • Grammar no-no

      @Young_Curmudgeon:disqus I do believe it’s, “Those who prefer open source based software could NOT care less…”.

    • dilznik

      This grammar fail tells us you care.

  • dariggy

    Now if we could just get a Buddhist book store, Walnut Creek can become the most pretentious city on the planet….

  • WC

    It will be an Apple store.

  • Elizabeth Mackey

    Talked to someone at David M. Brian, and yes it will be Apple. They are tearing down all the shops behind the existing CPK! That is why Starbucks is moving to the new side. Wonder when all this messy construction will begin? Anyone know what will be built along side the new Zara structure? It’s a huge gaping hole right now.

    • Alec

      Construction on Apple should begin in mid-summer once all the tenants (Lucky Brand, See’s, Starbucks, and CPK) move to their respective new locations. A Restoration Hardware “Gallery” store (similar to their new stores in Denver, Austin, Tampa, and Atlanta) is strongly rumored to be opening next to the new Zara.