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Friday Question of the Day – What is the Most Underrated Cuisine?

It seems like every other week a new pizzeria or burger joint opens up somewhere in the East Bay. Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE pizza and burgers. But there are times I’d like to try something new and interesting. Like a Singaporean dish at the new STIX Eatery opening soon in Concord. Which cuisine do you feel is the most underrated/underappreciated that people should try?

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  • ClaironCrumpet

    I don’t know about under-appreciated, but I feel like Filipino cuisine
    is underrepresented around here. There are a few solid food trucks
    (ADOruBOwl, maybe Jeepsilog), but no brick and mortar that I’ve heard of.
    Admittedly many Filipino dishes are rather uh… extreme to a US
    palate (I’m looking at you, Dinuguan), but there’s a lot I’m fond of:
    the heavily vinegar-based meat preparations, the super-crispy pork belly
    kawali, the egg dishes… call me a fan.

    Also, while I don’t think it’s a cuisine per se, if the Detroit Style pie at Tony’s Pizza in SF is at all representative of the pizzas in Motor City, it is a tragedy that it has not caught on elsewhere in the country.

    • David Peter

      Yes! My mother-in-law cooks up a Filipino storm in Daly City at her home, each and every Wednesday. All of her kids and familia join in but in between, it sure would be nice to get some Filipino soul food on a Monday or Tuesday! C’mon Contra Coata–showup.

  • Old curmudgeon

    Real traditional English food with Roast Beef, roast potatoes and carrots, gravy and Yorkshire pudding. A nice leg of lamb with the above accompaniments would do as well. Good shepherds pie made properly with lamb instead of ground beef (which is known as “cottage pie”). Good greasy deep fat fried white (cod) fish instead of the desiccated versions of whatever fish is served throughout the bay area along with proper real chips (fried sliced potatoes) not the US version of “french fries”. Pasties or meat pies whether Cornish, Devon or Northumbrian. It may keep cardiologists in business but it is a heritage that cannot be ignored.

    Oh and lastly beer that has not been frozen into a tasteless, odorless semi-liquid. And a decent comfortable chairs in a pub without loud music and sports TV channels to drink it calmly imperial pint by pint.

    • Yikes ahootie

      I second this suggestion!

    • Rob

      Yes, I agree!

    • over thewater

      My local is the wheatsheaf in raby wirral Merseyside, built in 1600’s….no music no TV. Ale brewed on farm just over from mine….perfect.

  • over thewater

    English..I’m surprised some here appreciate it…good!