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Friday Question of the Day – Star Wars or Star Trek?

With today’s release of the eighth Star Wars installment, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, I feel like today’s question of the day should simply be, Star Wars or Star Trek? I’ve always been a Star Wars fan, Star Trek, not so much. Which series do you prefer?

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  • Yikes ahootie

    Adam Savage’s take:

    “Star Trek lures you into a false sense of positivity that the world can be a utopia and recent events have proven it cannot. Star Wars’ dystopic vision is far more realistic and prepares our children for their future.”

    • Yoda

      The universe is vast. Some planets are more evolved than ours and some less. So both Star Wars and Star Trek present an accurate reality. Also, our planet is evolving. Love and light always wins. Yes, it is a slow and bumpy road along the way but – love wins. The is a universal, eternal truth.

      • Yikes ahootie

        Nice thought you have, Yoda, but buy it I do not.