Forever Yogurt + Bee & Tea “Temporarily” Closed in Walnut Creek

2905 N. Main St, Walnut Creek

Thanks to everyone who sent word that Forever Yogurt + Bee & Tea closed in Walnut Creek at the corner of N. Main St. and Geary Rd. According to a sign in the window they are “temporarily” closed. I don’t see any explanation on their Facebook page but the location is still listed on their website here. “Stay tuned”…

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  • Mary Fouts

    That place is closed down more than an old dry gulch western filming site. Not surprising. If you say “Tea”, or advertise “tea” well, people think tea, brewed tea, and that you will be open on according hours. Not this fufu Boba stuff, or other similar iced milk “tea”. Can’t count the number of times I was by this location in the early to mid-early mornings. People were peering into the store to see if it was open. And it never was. Never.

    • harold banks

      hi mary, seemed like they never had their act together. Pretty good spot too, although as you know parking in that whole complex is horrible. no fun to go into. incredibly poorly planned

  • Tony Thatcher

    the power is on “limited mode ” only cameras and exit signs are on