Dunkin’ Donuts may be Replacing Ghost Golf in Concord

4383 Clayton Rd, Concord

Thanks to a reader for sending word (and photo) that Dunkin’ Donuts is planning on opening in Concord (with a drive-thru lane) where the miniature golf spot Ghost Golf is currently located on Clayton Rd. Check out their website here. There is even an online petition requesting that Ghost Golf’s lease be renewed. Sign it here.

From the petition:

Dunkin’ Donuts and the landlord are forcing Ghost Golf out! Ghost Golf is a spooky themed miniature golf place owned by a hardworking husband and wife. Since the decorations and aminatronics are difficult to move, as well as the cost, they are unable to relocate. The owners of Ghost Golf put many years and their heart and soul into this project, but this landlord is erasing it! There is nothing similar to Ghost Golf and only one miniature golf place within 20 miles of Ghost Golf. There are plenty of empty sites in Concord, so why kick out one that has a very successful tenant? Save Ghost Golf before it’s too late!

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