Drybar Opening in August at the Lyric in Downtown Walnut Creek

Lyric, Walnut Creek

Late last year we saw the progress of the Lyric apartment complex in downtown Walnut Creek with a Spring 2017 opening and we now know of the first store to be opening here will be the California-based blowout salon Drybar. Check out their services here and styles here. Note that a couple of blocks way is Blow Dry Bar, which opened 5 years ago in the Mercer apartment complex.

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  • Downtown WC Resident

    How wonderfully unique! ***NOT.*** In downtown WC, all WITHIN 0.2 mi of each other, there are *4* indoor cycling centers, 2 “bubble tea” cafes (replacing the frozen yogurt trend), and soon to be *2* blow-dry ONLY salons. This seems absolutely ridiculous to me! Is this what appeals to the tenants of these awful, new apartments?! WC used to be so charming. What a shame.

    • I believe there will be 4 bubble tea cafes soon. 🙂

      • Downtown WC Resident

        Why do I not doubt that?! Haha…terrible! As a long-time resident of downtown, it’s troubling to see these come-and-go fads, fewer and fewer local small businesses, towering apartment complexes on every corner now…and too many store fronts on Main Street & California Blvd that remain vacant because high rent forced decent shop owners out. McCoveys, a huge corner space, just empty for years! And McDonald’s – what’s up with that? Wouldn’t be surprised if developers are currently calculating how many apartments they can fit into *that* tiny lot…

        • Downtown WC Resident

          Yes, Momo’s finally replaced McCoveys, but that restaurant is really just a horribly-overpriced lovechild of Flemings & the Cheesecake Factory, IMO. And several blocks towards Kaiser, Pizza My Heart has been preparing to open for months now, it seems, replacing the previously failed pizza joint, Project Pie. Fail fail fail.

  • Larry Jay

    Lyric is a year behind schedule and nothing of interest is moving in a bank, blow dry, and real estate offices. Only thing great will be the park next to Delucchi’s Fine Jewelry and Locust Street Optical.