“Don’t be Easy Prey” Flyers Plastered on Cars at Target Parking Lot in Walnut Creek

When I got out of my car at the Target parking lot in Walnut Creek and saw flyers on the windshield of cars I thought surely this must be scofflaws advertising a nail salon or some service but interestingly, it was the Walnut Creek police themselves who posted “Don’t be Easy Prey” flyers warning not to leave handbags in cars that are visible to protect against break-ins. This is sound advice, I always make sure to put bags in the trunk out of view when leaving my car.

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  • Something that my cousin (police officer in Sacramento) shared with me…. don’t put your bags in the trunk when you get to your destination, because thieves may be watching to see you hide the good stuff, and then they know to hit your car for the stuff you thought was safe…. instead, stop for a minute at a nearby gas station or parking lot, hide the things you don’t want to take into the store/destination, and then continue on your way…. that way, you are taking only what you need, and there’s no indication that something else might be hiding out of sight, so it makes you less likely to be targeted by thieves

  • Anon

    Or just put chocolate pudding on a diaper or maxi pad and leave it open and visible on the passenger seat or dashboard…if that’s not a theft deterrent, nothing is! Haha…

  • Restado

    You can usually find old police uniforms on ebay or thrift stores. Throw one of those “casually” on the seat and you should be golden.