Chase Banking Center Planned for Empty Plot Next to Diablo Foods in Lafayette

3603 Mt. Diablo Blvd, Lafayette

A Chase banking center is planned for the empty plot on the corner of Mt. Diablo Blvd. and Dewing Ave. next to Diablo Foods in downtown Lafayette. According to plans submitted to the city half the plot would be for a parking lot with the other half a 4150 sf building. However, according to the the city staff report, “the proposal will adversely affect the orderly development of the property within the city because the use disrupts retail continuity” so this banking center may not get approved.

Rendering (SZFM Design Studio):

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  • Zackry Cooper

    I am not a fan of this proposal at all. We do not need another bank on Mt. Diablo. We need more retail and restaurants for our residents and visitors.

  • Jean Claude-California

    Great thats all we need is another Chase Bank

  • Tim E

    OK with bank if it a had a mixed use component to it/an extra floor. Jean Claude and Zackry have it right. Talk about an under utilization of this particular corner.
    Question, any updates across the street on next phase of homes to built behind Petfood express/Panda Express

  • Tait

    This would be a huge mistake for one of the last bits of land in the central part of Lafayette. Who do we write to?

  • For anyone interested, here’s a current view of the site where this Chase Bank is being build:

  • WC

    Tell the bank to park some of their excess capital somewhere else. People bank on their phone or laptop we don’t need a bank on prime pedestrian retail area. But the bank away from the prime spots.