California Pizza Kitchen Closing in a Few Months in Broadway Plaza

Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek

California Pizza Kitchen will be closing their Broadway Plaza location in downtown Walnut Creek, possibly with a few months. One source indicates they will eventually be relocating to the nearby Agorra (previously known as The Village) condo complex at Newell Ave. and S. Main St. Stay tuned…

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  • Elizabeth Mackey

    Hope something better that another pizza joint goes in there! Too many pizza places, maybe that is why we need all the athletic clothing shops hahahah

    • Leigh

      LOL!! I agree.

  • Old curmudgeon

    Too many pizza joints in the WC is right. CPK is almost an early 1990’s anachronism. One of the few CPK’s not in an airport food court. We also have done Mexican, whine bars and beer pubs to death already. With the scramble lights at that corner it is a great place to watch drivers and pedestrians who cannot understand the go/do not go signs.

  • Barbosa

    Hope we get another trendy youth oriented clothing store. Or perhaps a yoga joint. We need those badly.

    • Maria

      I agree with your response…it’s great!

  • Mieke

    This is a stupid move!!

  • OrindaSucks

    What WC needs is a GOOD pizza place. The crap they serve in the ones now is an embarrassment.

  • Steerpike

    I love CPK, not for their pizza but their salads and pastas. They also do a fantastic Cedar Plank Salmon. But their Pizzas aren’t bad, now that they have the thin crust option. I was talking to a waitress the other day there and she said their new digs will be bigger and there’ll be more direct parking. She also said the Apple Store is moving into that location (I’m sure it will be a complete tear-down/rebuild), and that Prada is moving in across the street (Barnes and Noble location? Or maybe the existing Apple store?).