Cafecitos Cafe & Food Pavilion Opening Late August in Downtown Walnut Creek

1633 Bonanza St, Walnut Creek

In May I noted that Harvest Market closed on Bonanza St. and now a new, ‘event-driven, social’ cafe focusing on South American coastal cuisine, Cafecitos Cafe & Food Pavilion, will be opening sometime in August at this location. Check out their website here. This sounds like a very interesting concept, I look forward to checking it out when it opens.

Email from the owner:

Theme & decor “Modern-Vintage” 1915 – 1925 San Francisco’s “Panama Pacific International Expo” (World’s Fair).

Host special events.
Monthly “Food Pavilions” introducing new international foods.

House menu: South American Coastal Cuisine. Latin flavored (peppers/spicy) chocolates. Coffee. Yerba Mate & specialty drinks. Alcohol Cocktails.

Cafecitos Cafe & Food Pavilion is located at 1633 Bonanza St in downtown Walnut Creek.

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