Brass Bear Delicatessen Closing in Downtown Walnut Creek

1506 N. Main St, Walnut Creek

Alamo-based Brass Bear Delicatessen, which opened a second location in downtown Walnut Creek several years ago, will be closing at the end of November. A new delicatessen called Main Street Deli will be opening its place. Check out their Craigslist hiring page here. Stay tuned…

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  • Old curmudgeon

    Why am I not surprised. Actually lasted longer than I had expected.

  • drnoodle

    They were always in there working really hard. Super nice people. I just never found “my favorite” thing on the menu that kept me away from La Scala as my go to lunch spot. Sorry to hear. Glad it’s going to stay a deli. We need a bodega type place. Not sure it would survive in WC though.

  • OrindaSucks

    We need a sandwich place that house bakes their meats… enough with every place using Boars heads grossness…