Bourbon Highway Soft Opening Later Today in Walnut Creek

1677 N. Main St, Walnut Creek

Bourbon Highway, a restaurant and bar featuring Southern comfort food and country music is soft opening today from 4pm – 11pm today. Check out their menu here. In addition to standard country fare such as chicken and waffle sandwiches and baby back ribs they also offer other options such as kale salads and mahi mahi tacos. Complimenting these dishes will be artisanal signature drinks, wine, and craft beer. Live entertainment including top country hits and streaming music will be provided by DJ/remixer/producer Dee Jay Silver.

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  • WC

    Let me get some boots on, head over for a beer and a bump! YeeHah!

  • Rick Banzhaf

    Taking the Bourbon Highway to bankruptcy! Concept seems to be stretch for WC. My guess is the ridiculous rent will be too much to bear to keep open long….

    • WC

      You wonder if rents will start to come down, or be negotiated against all the open eatery spots. The corner of ‘for sale’ and ‘closed’, AKA Cypress & Locust with Crogans, Lark Creek, Sunol Ridge and Stella Bistro shows supply is higher than demand.

  • Nicholas Taylor

    Heck yes! I’m gonna put my dog in my pickup truck and head on down!

  • ClaironCrumpet

    Given how hard it is to find good Cajun out here this had my hopes up for a second. Pity the menu doesn’t really go in that direction.

    • Nick

      Have you tried Nola’s in Concord? Not fancy, but at least it’s legit.

    • Matt Foti

      There is an awesome place in Benicia, The Workshop, that serves up authentic Cajun food. Check it out. Highly recommend it. Gotta try the hush puppies!

  • Steve

    Nothing makes it there.

  • Dogbolter

    Another failure waiting to happen. Not sure if its the location or the type of restaurants that are opened.

  • OrindaSucks

    The menu is a joke… Cajun or real sothern flavored food would be awesome!

  • Mary Fouts

    Okaaayyy … So the menu for this supposedly upscale Southern Comfort Food restaurant includes a whopping 5 choices for the combined sandwiches and salads category, 3 entree choices, and 1 dessert choice. What a pitiful joke. 7-11 convenience stores have more meal selections than this place.

  • drnoodle


    Bourbon Highway announce soft closing. “We regret to inform all our long-standing customers that we have temporarily closed to re-evaluate our direction. We would like to thank you for all your support and look forward to bringing a new venture to downtown Walnut Creek.” When asked for comment the owner stated “we were just a pop-up anyway.”


    310 Eatery has announced it will open a pop-up in the space formerly occupied by Bourbon Highway. They will serve Laotian comfort food.


    310 Eatery announces it is closing its Laotian pop-up. Signs on the window of the former location of Bourbon Highway et. al indicate an application for a boba tea shop has been submitted to the county.

    • Dogbolter

      Hilarious! Nail on the head.

  • Peter

    Me and Ellie Mae are goin to meet Jethro. Can’t wait. Merica