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Be Careful about CVS Parking Lot in Downtown Walnut Creek

I was at the CVS parking lot in downtown Walnut Creek the other day checking out progress on Philz coffee shop, not paying attention to the sign in some but not all of the spots:

Private Parking
Spaces Reserved
Employee Parking Program
$30 charge
Online registration required

Be careful parking in that lot. It looks like you can get a ticket even if you were to shop at the stores located there!

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  • Mary Fouts

    That’s crazy!! People dropping by for a coffee at Philz or a trip to the pharmacy at CVS are likely not going to notice the parking restriction. And laughingly, they appear to have no parking program, as spots are empty. Just another reason not to shop at that dumpy old strip mall.

  • Michael

    Note that since it’s a private company, you don’t have to pay the tickets. The only thing companies can do is tow you, so if you were a repeat offender and they kept track of license plate numbers, they could eventually just get you towed instead of issue another “ticket.” But they have zero jurisdiction to affect your driving record, registration or anything else an actual governmental agency can do when you don’t pay a real ticket.

    • Rossmoor Nana

      Can this column print how we CAN park in the lot.?? You can find cvs everywhere but when Philz opens it will be the only one in Walnut Creek. Its great coffee!

    • Sam

      @ Michael

      That’s no longer true with the passage of AB 451. Park at your own risk.


      • Michael

        Sam, please read the bill. It expressly prohibits the parking enforcement company (or whatever you want to call it) from filing any kind of invoice to the DMV in order to collect it (by way of refusing to renew license or registration, etc).

  • Robin Johnson

    I grew up in WC and they were always about the money obliviously they are getting even worst. We were on the sidewalk once and a car pulled up to ask directions so my brother step to their window to help them (An elderly couple) after he gave them directions a cop gave my brother a jaywalking ticket. So WC is still all about the money. I’m sure you can get better coffee outside of WC.

  • Tricky nicky

    A bit of context – this is for WC business employees who can’t park all day in central lots in downtown. It’s not ideal for them, either, but at least there’s some place they can park that won’t cost an arm and a leg to keep their cars while they work. Just pay attention to where you are, and you should be fine (no pun intended)! And if it’s an issue, I am sure Philz will complain, and perhaps it will evolve. No big deal.

  • AJ Buttacavoli

    I got a $25 ticket because I crossed the street and went elsewhere. In fact, they do have signs that say you cannot cross the street.