Barranco Opening this Friday, Sept 15th in Lafayette

3596 Mt Diablo Blvd, Lafayette

The Peruvian restaurant Barranco is opening this Friday, September 15th in Lafayette perfectly timed for the Lafayette Art & Wine Festival over the weekend. With numerous restaurants by the same owner around the Bay Area, including Parada in Walnut Creek, I expect this will be a smooth opening that will feature, “ceviches, empanadas, seafood, paella and more!”

Check out more photos including the outdoor patio after the jump…

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  • Nick

    Looks good. Is it more of a tapas/small plates or traditional entrees? How are the prices looking? I haven’t made it to Parada yet, but it seems to be doing well. Lots of Peruvian places have been popping up in our area recently; it should be interesting to see if the market can bare so many options.

    • Elizabeth Mackey

      They have full entrees if it is like Parada. I really like Parada, but now worried that the market is getting saturated with this cuisine. Limon opened up downtown Walnut Creek so now we have a total of three Peruvian restaurants!

      • Kevin Thurman

        I tried Limon once and I don’t think it is as nearly as good as Parada (the food and service at Parada were much better).

        • ClaironCrumpet

          I’ve had excellent food from both, but I’ll agree that Limon WC is badly understaffed for their busy nights. Here’s hoping the service picks up.

      • Nick

        There’s also Lima in downtown Concord (took over that Mi Pi Pizza location in Todos Santos). Haven’t been yet, but that’s a lot of Peruvian restaurants all popping up at once.

  • Jack

    I like both Parada and Limon but like the food at Limon better.

  • Barbra515

    A friend told me Parada uses MSG. Has anyone else heard this?

    • Nick

      I hadn’t heard this, but I wouldn’t be surprised. MSG is picking up popularity in food circles again. While it’s not popular in America, it’s still used heavily in foreign cuisines (and not just East Asian ones) to add umami flavor. If they do use it, I personally have no objection as long as they call it out on items that use it for folks with allergies.

  • Barbra515

    Since I have a very sensitive system and react to many additives, I will steer clear of this restaurant. There are many other restaurants in WC to visit.