Asian Street Food Restaurant May be Coming to Lafayette in “The Art Room” Location

According to a project recently submitted to the Lafayette Design Review Commission, a new restaurant called Boo Koo, serving Asian street food, may be headed to Lafayette where The Art Room and The Lafayette Art Gallery are currently located, across from Chow. From the plan:

The concept focuses on a transparent façade that provides for a substantial indoor outdoor relationship and that utilizes the existing ambiance provided by the mature trees and the active uses across Lafayette Circle.

Boo Koo’s current location is in Mill Valley. From their website:

Boo Koo serves Southeast Asian street food with a California twist: fresh, healthy, and flavorful dishes that are both fast and affordable. Everything’s made here (no preservatives or MSG) and we source meats and produce locally. Our basic menu is vegan, customizable with high-quality proteins, from wild salmon and free-range chicken to natural pork and grassfed beef. Constantly changing specials keep things seasonal and creative.

The Mill Valley menu is here. Apparently a search for a new location for the Lafayette Art Gallery is being conducted so it can be relocated nearby.

What do you think of the The Art Room building going away to make room for this restaurant? Does this hold promise? Has anyone been to the Mill Valley location?

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  • Judyandrich

    How disappointing to see a charming historical building housing an art school and a local art gallery being torn down for another restaurant!!
    Please preserve the charm and diversity of Lafayette and let the building stay as is. Galleries and Art rooms are in short supply and serve a need- we already have so many restaurants!

    • Thanks for chiming in, based on the voting results looks like most people agree with you!

  • Guest

    I can’t believe Lafayette is losing its ART to a chain restaurant! What other art facilities are in Lafayette? The community will be the losers, especially the children.

    • Art is important to downtown Lafayette so I hope they find a new spot nearby if they do have to move.

  • Bobtorinda

    Chain restaurants are a dime a dozen and enrich stomachs. Local artists struggle as it is, yet their products enrich our souls. The citizens of Lafayette should put some effort into assisting the gallery to relocate to a location that would enable it to thrive prior to granting approval for a replacement business, even making it a condition of approval. Any thought been given to a structure that could house both a gallery and a restaurant at that location? Such a facility could serve as a draw (no pun intended) and contribute to the success of both enterprises.

    • That’s an intriguing idea! I believe they are looking for a replacement location nearby, and that would benefit businesses and the community in general to have an arts center/gallery visible and nearby. For example, the aMFa gallery in Orinda Theatre Square offers classes as well.

  • Damseldancer

    What a trajedy… This piece of property is the “soul” of Lafayette, it’s heart. Lafayette does not need another Asian restaurant!

  • Mkjv

    I think it would be a shame to lose that attractive little house. Isn’t it designated as historic? It should be. Even sadder would be to lose Lafayette’s only (as far as I know) gallery of local artists and children’s art school. A chain restaurant is not a good replacement.

  • ola

    How sad to think of Lafayette without an art school for children and without a gallery to showcase our local talent. We really don’t need another restaurant here.