Ascona Pizza Coming to Downtown Walnut Creek

Lyric, Walnut Creek

Thanks to a reader for sending word that according to the latest leasing information from the new apartment complex Lyric, located in downtown Walnut Creek on Locust St, Ascona Pizza will be opening a new location here. They currently have locations in Danville, Pleasanton and San Ramon. Check out their menu here.

From their web site:

We hand-make our dough daily, using our secret family recipe, and every ingredient we use is the highest quality available.

We hope you enjoy our hand tossed pizza dough, and our cheese is the best Wisconsin whole mozzarella cheese available. We guarantee our meats to be of excellent quality, including a first class selection of sausages and the freshest vegetables available.

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  • Danny

    $32.50 for a 16″ three-topping pizza… Yea that’ll be short-lived. Especially with Pizza My Heart, Xtreme Pizza and Skipolini’s right down the street.
    Hey WC council, why not try something outside of sushi, Mediterranean or Italian for once!?

    • Gauntlet23

      Probably because the city council doesn’t dictate the type of restaurant…

      • tpekren

        Good point, actually not sure what more is out there at this point that the free market has already put in WC and surrounding area. The area plenty of India food joints, bbq joints, coffee shops galore not too mention all the burger and taco joints. Heck, the scary part is be careful what we wish for because McDonalds just might return to WC.

        • tpekren

          meant to say, not sure what more is out there at this point the free market hasn’t already put in WC and the surrounding area.

          • Downtown WC Resident

            Are you kidding, tpreken? I would WELCOME the return of McD’s (with a drive thru!) – have you seen the lines at the Lafayette location? It’s obsurd! And yes, I do enjoy getting diabetes from an occasional $.99 unsweetened ice tea & small fries, thank you very much! :p

          • tpekren

            Can’t blame you as a fan of Mac and Dons Supper Club, I get back from a trip at SFO and I hang a left out of the long term parking and swing by McD’s on the right just down the street before getting on 101. Kinda of surprised they haven’t built a new one somewhere along N Main street and or Yagnacio Blvd

    • enoughwiththepizza

      Agree. The market for pizza in WC is saturated. By the looks of their website this is a by-the-numbers family style pizza joint, which 1) is already well served, and 2) doesn’t align well with the way WC’s demographics are changing.

      • WakeUpWC

        Just wait for the next announcement of WC’s newest fitness studio/women’s apparel/other store we already have 25 of . . . The one-note nature of WC is getting pathetic, no diversity and no new community facilities (outside of the concessions that are happily made to the vagrants). WC Council, pull your head out and see what you are allowing WC to become!

  • Brecken

    Great, another pizza place in Walnut Creek, just what we need… I would be down for something new in WC!

  • Old curmudgeon

    Anything but more pizza places. I still enjoy it occasionally but I am down to one small at Rocco’s every two months. Where have we gone wrong in raising our children that they feel they have to subsist on a diet of mediocre tomato sauce and weird toppings on over baked tasteless dough.

    I fear that the great WC is not a place for culinary inventiveness. In the old days every new restaurant was Italian and they did serve small pizzas for the children while they adults enjoyed their veal piccata or clams risotto. The whole I-680 corridor from Concord to Pleasanton does not seem to relish innovative and interesting cuisines. Perhaps it never did.

    • tpekren

      You can also bring in the fact that Danville and Lafayette have their own little restaurant rows and not sure if you could have it everywhere.

  • Barbra515

    I heard, from a very reliable source, that a new restaurant that opened recently on Locust (was asked to not mention name) pays $25,000 per month for rent. I think that’s disgraceful. No wonder this new pizza joint has to charge $31 for a large pizza. But I refuse to pay those prices. The greed of land owners and developers is shameful.

    • Yikes ahootie

      Ouch! $25k? That’s unsustainable.

      • Barbra515

        And this place only has maybe 20 tables. I’m pretty sure this is why we see so many chain stores coming to WC. They can absorb the high rents.

    • Mr. Ken

      That sounds about right.
      Get ready for downtown to change very quickly.
      We’re going to see more regional & mini-chains (like Ascona & Limon) move in.

  • Alec

    Pizza is one of the highest-margin food items there is, because it’s 75% bread. It’s a crowd-pleasing food item that is also very profitable and can be gussied up in a way that makes it “upscale.”

    That’s why it’s everywhere. It’s an easy bet when rent is high.

  • Primrose DeVille

    a high priced pizza joint (isn’t there already one a block away?) at that bottom of a god-awful ugly high rise apartment building. lovely. it’ll take sitting through three lights instead of the current two to cross ygnacio after that sardine can apartment building opens.

  • WC

    Time for a pie crawl. Start at CPK, then to Pizza My Heart, then slice house, then Extreme, then Ascona, then Skips, then…

  • Joel Villasenor

    Pizza places are well represented here (and I appreciate that), but could we get a Popeye’s in this area? Since KFC left, I’m missing my fast food chicken.