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Cafecitos Cafe Reopens in Walnut Creek

1633 Bonanza St, Walnut Creek

Last year I noted the opening and closing of Cafecitos Cafe in downtown Walnut Creek and they are now open for business again! Yesterday I noted another Latin American cafe Sabores del Sur that will be opening soon so I see a trend forming with Latin American cuisine.

With the reopening they also plan to offer beer and wine for sale. You can see the preliminary menu below. Note that the Lomo Saltado sandwich is still available.

Check out the inside:

Preliminary menu:


Cafecitos Cafe Locked and Closed over Past Few Weeks

1633 Bonanza St, Walnut Creek

It’s only been a month since Cafecitos Cafe opened in downtown Walnut Creek but things are not looking good over there as you can see by the bicycle lock on the front doors in the above photo. I dropped by on numerous occasions attempting to try the patacones and papas appetizer but they have always been closed. I’m hoping this is not permanent…


Cafecitos Cafe Opens in Downtown Walnut Creek

1633 Bonanza St, Walnut Creek

Last week I noted that Cafecitos Cafe would be opening on Thursday and so I dropped by to try check them out and try some South American cuisine which I don’t believe is available anywhere else downtown. The inside is nicely decorated with cool posters from the 1915 San Francisco’s World’s Fair and a giant print designed especially for the cafe in keeping with their purpose, “about celebrating life moments through good food, music, and friendships”.

Check out their menu here. There are so many things I wanted to to try but I settled on the Lomo Saltado sandwich, “a popular Peruvian dish with Asian influences served on a fresh bread roll. Marinated beef, tomato, red onion, and cilantro served with papas fritas and Rocoto chili ketchup”.

Check out the inside of the cafe:

Photos of the sandwich and prints after the jump… Continue Reading


Cafecitos Cafe Opening Oct 10th in Walnut Creek

1633 Bonanza St, Walnut Creek

Back in July I noted that Cafecitos Cafe would be opening in downtown Walnut Creek on Bonanza St. and a sign outside states they’ll be open this Thursday. This cafe will feature South American cuisine. Check out their menu here. Entries include Ecuadorian Mango Ceviche and Patacones & Papas (Deep fried banana and potato chips with dipping sauce). I can’t wait to try this place out!


Cafecitos Cafe & Food Pavilion Opening Late August in Downtown Walnut Creek

1633 Bonanza St, Walnut Creek

In May I noted that Harvest Market closed on Bonanza St. and now a new, ‘event-driven, social’ cafe focusing on South American coastal cuisine, Cafecitos Cafe & Food Pavilion, will be opening sometime in August at this location. Check out their website here. This sounds like a very interesting concept, I look forward to checking it out when it opens.

Email from the owner:

Theme & decor “Modern-Vintage” 1915 – 1925 San Francisco’s “Panama Pacific International Expo” (World’s Fair).

Host special events.
Monthly “Food Pavilions” introducing new international foods.

House menu: South American Coastal Cuisine. Latin flavored (peppers/spicy) chocolates. Coffee. Yerba Mate & specialty drinks. Alcohol Cocktails.

Cafecitos Cafe & Food Pavilion is located at 1633 Bonanza St in downtown Walnut Creek.


(310) Eatery LA Style Street Food Opens in Downtown Walnut Creek

1633 Bonanza St, Walnut Creek

Thanks to a reader for sending word that a new restaurant has opened in downtown Walnut Creek called (310) Eatery which serves LA style street food. This Bonanza St. downtown Walnut Creek location is where Cafecitos Cafe used to be and is still in soft-opening mode as the Cafecitos Cafe decor is still up temporarily. Check out their menu below. I really want to try The Westside Classic Hot Pastrami Dip as well as the burger of course. They are open Mondays – Thursdays 11am – 9pm and Fridays/Saturday 11am – 3am. Check out their Facebook page here.


The (301) Eatery Story:

(310) is one of the world’s most familiar area codes belonging to the greater metropolitan Los Angeles area. Synonymous with so many things including lifestyles and a way of life, a few of us “foodies” following in that mantra were inspired to create the very first (310) Eatery.

Having worked independently at various Bay Area hot spots and then later at a hip East Bay burger and a tap room combo, Aaron, Karen and Brit, all with a passion for really good, “Krazy” popular L.A. style street food would like to share that same passion now with you all.

Check out photos of the food after the jump… Continue Reading