365 by Whole Foods Opening Dec 6th at The Veranda in Concord

Veranda Shopping Center, Concord

The eagerly anticipated 365 by Whole Foods supermarket is opening December 6th in the new Veranda shopping center at the corner of Diamond Blvd. and Galaxy Way in Concord. Check out their rewards program here. You can get 10% off over 100 products, buy 5 get one free deals, as well as, “lots of special offers that will surprise and delight you, from department discounts to birthday presents.”

From the 365 by Whole Foods site:

It’s time for a whole new grocery shopping experience. One that strives to be good for your body, your budget, your lifestyle and the planet.

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  • SDNick484

    Glad to see they’ll be proceeding with the opening despite the acquisition. It should be interesting to see how the brands and quality compare to their full Whole Foods Market stores. I’m curious if they’ll have a traditional meat and fish counter or will it all be prepackaged to reduce labor like how most lower market stores do it.

    • Michael

      It’s all pre-packaged. My brother in LA lives right near one. The idea is to make everything have a price and barcode so you don’t need to weigh. Pretty sure very little is weighed during checkout. Even the hot and cold bars are priced based on the size of the container, not the weight of what you get.

      • SDNick484

        Interesting and a bummer, but not much of a surprise. Will probably check it out once, but I don’t see myself shopping there regularly.

  • tpekren

    My family has taken the bait and swallowed the hook outright as I believe we need to get something from everyone as not everyone has everything we want. Will have to add 365 to Safeway, Sprouts, Trader Joes, Lonardi’s and Whole Foods of course. Almost forgot Target & a few of the independent produce markets in the area.

    • SDNick484

      I can definitely see needing to hit more than one store if you mainly shop Trader Joes and Sprouts and to a lesser extent Whole Foods as those stores push their own brands so strongly and don’t carry some major ones (Coke, etc.) however I could get everything I need from Lunardi’s or Safeway. If I had to add anything, it would probably be from the Mexican or Asian markets.