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March 2012

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Upcycle Workshop April 27th at Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek

The Bedford Gallery at the Lesher Center in downtown Walnut Creek is hosting a craft workshop on April 27th from 1 – 4pm for a $50 fee. From their Facebook event page:

Join the Bedford Gallery for an afternoon of demos and work-time with crafty artists Lisa Solomon, Rose Sellery & GoGo Craft! Learn how to transform old shirts and sweaters into fun accessories, dress up a dull shopping bag and more!

Fee: $50
Space is limited, please register by Monday, April 23rd to ensure your spot! For reservations, please call 925/295-1423.

Workshop participants also receive free gallery admission on the day of the workshop, so arrive early to view the exhibition, Outfitters: The Contemporary Art of Clothing.

For more info on our crafters, check out:
Lisa Solomon
Rose Sellery
GoGo Craft

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Friday Question of the Day – Favorite Burger Joint

Before the Habit Burger Grill opened in downtown Walnut Creek, which I think is great, I probably went most often to the Counter, another downtown Walnut Creek burger restaurant. I know the new Corners Tavern has a burger on their menu I want to try. There is also George’s Giant Hamburger, Hubcaps, McCovey’s and must I say it, McDonalds. Obviously the variety ranges from nice sit-down to fast food.

Lafayette has Chow and Tao (Flipper’s burgers are served there). If I missed any please let me know and I’ll add it in.

So for the Friday question of the day, what’s your favorite burger restaurant? I guess this could be split into two parts. The burger itself, and the overall atmosphere.


Red Wagon Closing in Lafayette

Red Wagon, the children’s store located at 3535A Mt. Diablo Blvd. in La Fiesta Square, Lafayette is closing by summer when their lease is up. There is a possibility it might be sold instead. I have heard scuttlebutt that a different children’s store in the Piedmont area may relocate to Lafayette so maybe they could take over this place?

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The 5pm Post: Art Classes at Renditions Gallery in April

Back in November I noted the opening of Renditions Art Gallery at 1383 N. Broadway in Walnut Creek and recently saw this poster on their window with all kinds of art workshops available. You can check out the April calendar here with a class description list here. Available April classes include, “Still Life”, “Drawing”, “Portfolio Development”, “Figure Painting”, “Pastel”, “Landscape”, and unstructured workshop time. Fees range from $25 – $125.


Walnut Creek + Lafayette + Orinda = ?

Since this blog will eventually cover more of Lafayette, and possibly Orinda since some interesting shops are opening up in theatre square, is there any good term to use that encompasses Walnut Creek, Lafayette and Orinda? Lamorinda is often used for Lafayette/Orinda/Moraga, so on that note how about:

  • WaLaNda
  • LaWaNda
  • WaCrOrLa
  • WaCrOrYette

Any suggestions?


Judging Tattoo & Body Piercing Parlors – Zebra

Zebra Tattoo & Body Piercing, located at 1419 Broadway in downtown Walnut Creek near the Performance Bicycle store has been open since 2008 although they also have a shop in Berkeley for over 20 years. From their website:

Zebra Tattoo and Body Piercing art attracts interest like magic, lasts a lifetime, and stays young forever. With deep experience, insight and creativity our artists create magic especially for you. Zebra opened twenty years ago in the Bay Area and quickly became known for its high art of tattoo and body piercing backed with strict adherence to sterilization guidelines and its use of non-allergenic dyes. Zebra is committed to give you the safest, most artistic experience anywhere. We invite you to explore your creative vision with us.

How hip does this make downtown Walnut Creek now that it has a tattoo and body piercing parlor? Does anyone recommend this place?

Daily Life

2012 National Citizen Survey – Walnut Creek Results

The 2012 National Citizen Survey results are out for Walnut Creek which shows how satisfied people are based on various quality indicators like safety, crime, shopping, parks and more. You can check out the complete report here. The report sorted by zipcode is available here, and sorted by demographics is here. The benchmark comparison report is here.

From the Walnut Creek website:

Residents are overwhelmingly satisfied with the quality of life in Walnut Creek and give high marks to nearly all City services, according to the 2012 National Citizen Survey.
The survey was sent to 2,000 households in early January and 717 surveys were returned. That’s a 37 percent participation rate (after making adjustments for those surveys marked undeliverable by the post office).
Some 96 percent rated the quality of life in Walnut Creek as excellent or good, and 97 percent said they would recommend living in Walnut Creek to someone who asked.

Overall, it looks like people are quite happy with how things are going in Walnut Creek. The main negative thing I found was, “Traffic flow on major streets” which was rather low. What do you like most about Walnut Creek? What’s the one thing that could be improved that would make life in Walnut Creek even better?


Judging New Restaurants – Tender Greens

Tender Greens opened in mid-2011 at the former Forward Motion shoe store at 1352 Locust St in downtown Walnut Creek. They are originally from Southern California and this is their first restaurant in Northern California I believe. You can see their menu here.

When I go I tend to favor the Fritto Misto and when the dressing is done right it’s great. Any other must order items?


Closed – Grand Couture (Broadway Plaza)

Grand Couture, the women’s fashion store located at the back side of Broadway Plaza, has closed judging by the empty storefront. This section of Broadway Plaza is turning into the kiss of death for small retailers as two other retailers right next to this have closed as well, U-Threads, and Super Silver Jewelry. The other side isn’t doing so well either, with Down Family Lane and PureBeauty also closing within the past few months.