Ramen Hiroshi Opens in Downtown Walnut Creek

1633 Bonanza St, Walnut Creek

The eagerly awaited restaurant Ramen Hiroshi soft-opened over the weekend in downtown Walnut Creek and will be open for dinner this week. Beginning on January 17th they will be open for lunch as well. Check out their appetizer menu here and ramen menu here. The ramen offerings range in price from $10 – $12 and include tonkotsu, shio, shoyu, miso and tantanmen style. I can’t wait to try this place out! If I don’t have to make the trek to the South Bay for a delicious bowl of ramen I’ll be very happy. :)

From their menu:

Our soup is carefully prepared daily and cooked to perfection with natural and fresh ingredients. We use free range chicken.
May contain egg, nuts, seafood, dairy, plant, vegetables and spices.
Ramen Hiroshi encourages you to consume the ramen in their freshest state, and in right temperature to best enjoy your experience.
Thank you for your excitement to Hiroshi’s Ramen.



Friday Question of the Day – Favorite Sushi Spot?

Photo by Flickr user tmab2003

With a new sushi restaurant opening in Danville last month I’ve been wondering what special sushi restaurants are nearby. To be honest my favorite sushi restaurants are in Manhattan but I’m always on the lookout for a good one around here. What is your favorite sushi restaurant? What is your favorite type of sushi? Mine is uni.

Yalla Mediterranean Opening in Walnut Creek Late February

1813 Ygnacio Valley Rd, Walnut Creek

A couple of weeks ago we learned that Yalla Mediterranean opened its first restaurant in downtown Pleasant Hill and their next location to open is in Walnut Creek in Ygnacio Plaza expected late February. You may have noticed that both these locations previously were Daphne’s Greek Cafe; that’s because Yalla bought Daphne’s and is totally revamping everything from the ground up. Check out their menu here.


Papa Murphy’s Pizza Closes in Walnut Creek

2991 Ygnacio Valley Rd, Walnut Creek

Yesterday we learned that Alexander Kat Furniture will be closing soon in the Encina Grande shopping center off Ygnacio Valley Rd. in Walnut Creek and right next door Papa Murphy’s Pizza has already closed. According to a sign in the window they are trying to relocate to the Country Wood Shopping Center (also in Walnut Creek) but are “still waiting on a space that meets both the center and our needs”.



Honey Berry Opens in Downtown Walnut Creek

1632 N. Main St, Walnut Creek

Last year we learned that Kaffa Cafe opened in downtown Walnut Creek next to City Hall and now a new cafe featuring roti buns, tapioca milk tea, gelato as well as coffee etc has recently opened at this location. I believe this may be the only place in downtown Walnut Creek that offers roti buns. They offer plain ones, ones covered in chocolate with butter inside, and can even have them add a scoop of gelato inside. I tried a plain one and it was really good; glad the dining choices are increasing around here. A note inside states that you get “30% off your entire order” to January 10th. Check out the menus below.


Photos of the menus after the jump… Continue reading