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Buffalo Wild Wings Coming to Concord

2090 Diamond Blvd, Concord

Buffalo Wild Wings, the Columbus, Ohio-based restaurant featuring wings, beer and sports is coming to Concord at the corner of Galaxy Way and Diamond Blvd. where Marie Callenders Restaurant & Bakery used to be. Check out their menu here.

From their website:

It all started in 1982 with one restaurant in Columbus, OH. Since then we’ve grown to have a store in every state in the U.S. and continue to open B-Dubs® around the world (you’re welcome, Earth).

But really, all you need to know “About Us” is these three things: Wings. Beer. Sports.™ Why do those three things matter to us so much? Because that’s what our fans want, and that’s what we’re all about—making our fans happy.



Pacific Bay Coffee Co. Closed for Remodeling until Feb 3rd in Walnut Creek

1495 Newell Ave, Walnut Creek

Thanks to a reader for sending word that Pacific Bay Coffee Co. has closed for remodeling until February 3rd. Check for updates on their Facebook page here.

Note that a new Starbucks is planning to open diagonally across from Pacific Bay in the new Village development, so that may have encouraged them to upgrade the cafe. They will be located right next to TD Ameritrade which will be at the corner. This is the same development where California Pizza Kitchen will be relocating to.



Preview of RÊVE Bistro in Lafayette – Opening Jan 26th

960 Moraga Rd, Lafayette

Back in December we learned that RÊVE Bistro, a new French bistro would be opening this month in Lafayette, and I was able to get a preview of the inside before it officially opens next Tuesday, January 26th. As you can see on the outside they changed the Eiffel Tower window covering with one that uses all 16 panels in front: “A little Paris in the hood.”

The inside is cozy with a warm, casual ambiance that suits the French comfort food that will be offered, such as “authentic French onion soup, steamed mussels, steak frites, cassoulets and fricassées”. Check out the seasonal dinner menu here and drinks menu here. They will be open Tuesday – Thursday from 5:30pm – 9:30pm and Friday and Saturday from 5:30pm – 10pm. Find out about the 5-star chef Paul Magu here (scroll down a bit). I look forward to trying this place out!


More photos of the inside after the jump… Continue Reading


Danville Brewing Co. Brewing Soon at Danville Hotel Town Center

Danville Hotel Town Center, Danville

A new restaurant with its own brewery, Danville Brewing Co. is “brewing soon” at the Danville Hotel Town Center on Railroad Ave. Cool how you can see the brewery tanks right inside.

From a press release:

A new restaurant concept conceived by the renowned Bridges Restaurant’s managing general partner, Randy Negi, and Alamo residents Marcus and Sara Maita, the approximately 3,700-square-foot brewery will feature gourmet burgers, hand-cut fries, salads sourced from local farms and homemade breads and rolls. Beer will be fermented on site.



Dos Coyotes Border Cafe Coming to Willows Shopping Center in Concord

Willows Shopping Center, Concord

The Sacramento-based restaurant, Dos Coyotes Border Cafe, featuring Southwestern cuisine, is set to open a new location in Concord according to this Sacramento Business Journal article. A photo from the City of Concord Instagram page indicates that it will be located right next to the restaurant Eureka! which opened last September. Check out their menu here. Stay tuned…

From their website:

The first Dos Coyotes opened in The Marketplace in North Davis on January 5th, 1991. The menu was a little smaller than it is today. Our original tacos were – literally – two warm corn tortillas, tender, flame-broiled steak or chicken, onions, cilantro, a charbroiled cebollita green onion and whatever salsa you liked. Simple. Pure. Delicious.

One of the first big changes we made was adding “seasonal specials.” Our fixed menu was popular, but it didn’t give us the room to explore or opportunity to truly take advantage of the region’s incredibly flavorful, diverse produce. The seasonal specials changed all that. They gave head chef Mark Casale and I the freedom to experiment… to create new items and give customers a vibrant, evolving culinary experience.

In the 20 plus years since we opened that first restaurant, Dos Coyotes has grown, but the core principles haven’t changed – delicious food, engaging atmosphere, exceptional value. That’s why I started Dos Coyotes and why I go to work today. I love watching people walk through the door, enjoy our food and appreciate what we have to offer. That’s why we’re in business.


The Pig & the Pickle Closes in Concord – Will they Reopen?

1960 Concord Ave, Concord

Thanks to a reader for pointing out that the gatropub The Pig & the Pickle closed last month, at least temporarily, in Concord. Their Facebook page has no mention of a reopening so not sure what to make of their goodbye note. Anyone know what’s going on? I enjoyed their food and beers quite a lot when I’m over there. Really good stuff!

From their Facebook page:

Dear Friends of Ale Industries,

We want to let you know that in order to restructure and reinvent our retail presence, we are temporarily closing The Pig & The Pickle as of today.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed The Pig & The Pickle as much as we’ve enjoyed building it, and we hope that in the wake of our attempt at bringing an adventurous spirit to Concord, CA we have inspired moments of joy, entertainment, hilarity and awe. We advance ourselves through your love, support, and dedication and we want to thank you so very much.

To continue discovering great Ale Industries beers, visit the Jingletown Jazz Room in Oakland, and look out for updates from us!

Thank you for your loyal support,
Ale Industries



Preview of Teleferic Barcelona in Downtown Walnut Creek Opening this Sunday

1500 Mt Diablo Blvd, Walnut Creek

The long awaited opening of the Spanish pintxos and tapas restaurant Teleferic Barcelona in downtown Walnut Creek is near and last night I was able to get a preview a few days before they open this Sunday, January 17th.

Entering from Mt. Diablo, a staircase and elevator ensconced in brick and lit by Edison vintage bulbs hanging from varying heights lead to the second floor where the restaurant is located. At left is the outdoor dining area and bar with views of Neiman Marcus and downtown Walnut Creek while at right is the main restaurant area. Everything looks incredible including the architectural details such as the distressed metallic walls (which is also visible outside), interior design, not to mention the food, which was off the hook delicious. I’m not sure how ethical it is to eat foie mousse but as this is one of their signature specialties it was insanely good. If you’re a blue cheese fan you won’t want to miss trying the Spanish Valdeón (from León) blue cheese for dessert. As someone who usually sticks with French Roquefort, Valdeón is now my new favorite!

If you ever had dim sum then you’ll be comfortable with the pintxo (skewer in Basque) carts as they roll from table to table offering small bites on skewers or small plates. To keep track of what is ordered from the Pintxo cart a Santo Domingo metal can is left on your table where you can deposit the skewers which are then used to calculate what was ordered. There is also a paella cart that comes by with a giant paella pan if you order paella.

Finally, don’t forget to look up as one of two cable cars glide over your head as you can see in the photo below. This is a signature element of all Teleferic restaurants that you don’t want to miss. There are plenty of photos after the jump that show off all the great elements, check it out!


The history of Teleferic:

Plenty more photos of the inside after the jump… Continue Reading


Siren’s Sandwich Shop Opens in Pleasant Hill

2391 Pleasant Hill Rd, Pleasant Hill

Siren’s Sandwich Shop opened a few months ago in Pleasant Hill with a healthy twist: A juice bar featuring kombucha on tap. Check out their menu here. I tried the chicken vegetable with orzo pasta soup and it was delicious! The kombucha juice bar confused me as in my mind kombucha goes with yoga not a sandwich joint. It turns out the owner is a huge kombucha fan and so two flavors are available on tap. I’ve tried kombucha in glass bottles before and found the taste to be too vinegary so when I was offered a sample I was a bit leery. I tried watermelon basil and grapefruit sage and it was surprisingly good without the vinegar taste. I’ll be back for more.

As for the firehouse motif, it turns out the owner’s husband is an actual fire captain with the Pleasant Hill fire department and sure enough, as I was leaving they entered the shop to get a bite to eat. Check out the photos after the jump to see the old style fire alarms that you can actually ring. Another nice touch is a red, white and blue fire hose shaped into an American flag. Appropriately, a giant fire truck was parked in the back of the parking lot.


More photos of the inside including old, working fire alarms after the jump… Continue Reading


Impulse Room Jazz Club Coming to Downtown Walnut Creek

1501 N. Broadway, Walnut Creek

Impulse Room, a new jazz club featuring live musical performances and a wine and beer bar is coming to downtown Walnut Creek possibly in late summer in the space formerly occupied by UFC Gym at the corner of N. Broadway and Lincoln Ave. Check out updates on their Facebook page here. Check out their web site here for more details about Lounge Tuesdays, Saturday Night Dance and more.

From their website:

[Impulse Room] is an upscale 21 and older Jazz Club specializing in live musical performances by inspired artists. We feature a really nice Wine & Beer bar, along with an assortment of coffees and teas. There is a dance floor for those wanting to move to the beat and FREE Wifi for those that want to conduct informal business. We do have a strict dress code policy and we are dedicated to maintaining a friendly and comfortable place to listen to all forms of jazz music. There is an $18.00 cover charge at the door which includes a complimentary buffet for a designated period of time.

From the owner:

I really want this place to provide a sense of discovery for those visiting us. Unlike forums that attempt to draw big names, we are looking to be a showcase for original and vibrant performances of all types. All the artwork is original as well and can only be found here. I just secured a renowned artist, he is on the facebook page of ours and the site.