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Urban Plates New American Restaurant Coming to Pleasant Hill Early 2016

60 Crescent Dr, Pleasant Hill

Southern California-based Urban Plates, a reasonably priced “farm to plate” restaurant is coming to the Downtown Pleasant Hill Shopping Center where ShaadZee Bakery Bistro used to be sometime in the first quarter of 2016. Check out their menu here.

When I mentioned the similarity to Tender Greens in downtown Walnut Creek, someone from Urban Plates replied:

Although we are in the same category as Tender Greens, we are different, hopefully better because we are an interactive kitchen concept. We have excellent products and we go through them so fast, they are always fresh. We have more selection and we encourage tasting and talking with the cook to get exactly what you want. Our ordering system is vibrant and dynamic, not just a step to the left line that leaves the customer looking through the glass wondering which food is theirs. Our concept appeals to the adventurous because it is a new business model, not just more of the same. On top of all that, everything (including pastry) is made from scratch in our kitchens and is delicious.


Pinkberry Closing this Week in Downtown Walnut Creek – Pressed Juicery Coming Soon

1179A Locust St, Walnut Creek

The frozen yogurt store closings keep coming in downtown Walnut Creek as Pinkberry will be closing this week. They opened a couple of years ago next to The Cheesecake Factory in Plaza Escuela.

Replacing Pinkberry is a juice bar from Los Angeles called Pressed Juicery. Check out their juice menu here.

From their website:

Today we are California’s leading cold-pressed juicery chain, selling thousands of bottles every day in our Los Angeles and San Francisco locations. We ship our delicious juices and customizable cleanse programs nationwide, delivering the benefits of nutritious cold-pressed juice to your door. And we’re popping up in more locations every day.

Juicing has changed our lives. We do it because of how good it makes us feel – because it gives us a lift, floods our body with vital nutrients, and tastes amazing. We hope our juice inspires you and gives you the momentum you need to live a happier, healthier and more balanced life. We know it has for us.


Library on Main New American Restaurant Opens in Downtown Walnut Creek

1677 N. Main St, Walnut Creek

***UPDATE*** According to the owner they will be open this Friday, July 31st.

Back in June we learned that owner of the Vietnamese fusion restaurant Élevé would be closing and opening in its place a new American restaurant called Library on Main, serving “hearty playful small plates” and they are now open. The new name and book-inspired design is in reference to the former Walnut Creek library located at this spot. Check out their soft-opening menu here and cocktail menu here. Of course I’m looking forward to trying the Library burger! The menu contains literary-appropriate titles such as: Prologues (snacks), Chapter One (salads), Chapter Two (small plates), Chapter 3 (large plates) and Happily Ever After (desserts). Check out their Facebook page here.


More photos of the inside after the jump… Continue Reading


Sideboard Neighborhood Kitchen and Coffee Bar Coming to Lafayette in Spring, 2016

Park Plaza, Lafayette

Thanks to a reader for sending word that the hugely popular, Danville-based, Sideboard Neighborhood Kitchen and Coffee Bar is opening a second location in Park Plaza in downtown Lafayette and are hoping to open in Spring, 2016. Last year we learned that the gluten-free bakery Mariposa was coming to Park Plaza as well so this is going to be a happening place this time next year! Check out their Danville morning menu here, lunch menu here, dinner menu here, and beverage menu here. As a huge fan of Sideboard I’m really excited that they’re coming to Lafayette. Still not sure where to park but hopefully parking will be available near the library?


Progress on Library on Main in Downtown Walnut Creek

1677 N. Main St, Walnut Creek

Last month we learned that the Vietnamese fusion restaurant Élevé would be transformed by the same owner into a casual restaurant focusing on small plates and as you can see the transformation has now begun. Track their progress on Facebook here and bookmark their website for future reference here. They are located in downtown Walnut Creek a block from Civic Park and the current Walnut Creek library.



Dinner for The Dead at Walnut Creek Yacht Club on July 29th


Dinner for The Dead at Walnut Creek Yacht Club:

Walnut Creek Yacht Club
1555 Bonanza St, Walnut Creek
Wednesday, July 29th, 2015
6:00pm | $65

In honor of the 50th Anniversary
of The Grateful Dead

(yes Chef Kev is a Dead Head)
We are having a party to help celebrate
the final shows and the end of an era.
Put on your tie dye and come on down
Gather on the Aft Deck 6:00

Electric Kool Aid Cocktail
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Feeling Like a Kindergartner around Food Trucks


I love finding new dishes to try at food truck markets like the one shown above that recently stopped in downtown Walnut Creek. But the height of the ordering and pickup windows is dizzily high so I feel like a kindergartner when ordering. Does anyone else feel awkward ordering and picking up from these ultra-high food trucks?