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The Fourth Bore Tap Room & Grill Opening on Tuesday in Orinda Theatre Square

2 Theatre Square, Orinda

Earlier this month we learned that the Mexican restaurant Barbacoa closed in Orinda Theatre Square, to be replaced with a new restaurant called The Fourth Bore Tap Room and Grill and they are opening this Tuesday, November 24th. Check out the food and cocktail menu here and wine/beer menu here. The menu notes, “We proudly server Richard’s grass fed beef from Moraga, CA”. It doesn’t get more local than that! I’m looking forward to trying the Smokehouse BBQ burger (cheddar cheese, bacon, onion strings, lettuce, tomato, bbq sauce, served with Fourth Bore potato chips). The Fourth Bore will feature 30 beers on tap with a pub style menu.


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Panama Bay Coffee Co. Opening Soon at Old Yogurt Castle Spot in Downtown Walnut Creek

1499 N. California Blvd, Walnut Creek

Last year we learned that Panama Red Coffee Co. would be opening in the old Yogurt Castle spot at N. California Blvd. and Bonanza St. in downtown Walnut Creek, and now it turns out that they will be known as Panama Bay Coffee Co. and are planning to open soon.

From their Facebook page:

Our Coffees are roasted to bring out the very best qualities of the coffee bean. We use a craftsman-style batch roasting method that is simply impossible to produce in a massive assembly-line operation.

Our Coffee beans are selected from hundreds of different kinds of green coffees from around the world. We use only choice arabica beans.

Our Coffees are consistently superior in the cup, where it really matters.

Try our coffee and you will be amazed!.


McCovey’s Baseball Bat Door Handles Finally get Removed in Walnut Creek

1444 N. California Blvd, Walnut Creek

Not sure what’s going on at the former McCovey’s baseball themed restaurant in downtown Walnut Creek but the cool baseball bat door handles have finally been removed. Last month we learned that a For Lease sign appeared on the door indicating that maybe Slater’s 50/50 was no longer coming but although the For Lease is missing on the doors I do see them on the side windows.


Applebee’s Closed for Remodel at Encina Grande in Walnut Creek

Encina Grande, Walnut Creek

Lots of work being done at the Encina Grande shopping center in Walnut Creek as Safeway has been demolished and work begins on the new Whole Foods supermarket, splitting Encina Grande temporarily in two. The side with the new Walgreens is mostly done now, and the side where Applebee’s is located is in the thick of things as the development progresses.


Mels Original Diner Coming Soon to Concord

4391 Treat Blvd, Concord

Thanks to a reader for sending word that Mels Original Diner is coming soon to Concord where Coco’s Bakery Restaurant used to be on Treat Blvd.

From their website:

The Original Mels has been serving up fun and great food since 1947. With locations throughout Northern California and Nevada, we are the place to go for a bye-gone era that offers simple pleasures and a friendly atmosphere.

The 1973 release of the classic “American Graffiti” was set at The Original Mels, and you can still experience the fun and excitement of the movie, and more importantly, the very time itself.


Frozen Yogurt? Juice Bar? That is so Yesterday… Rice Pudding is the Next Big Thing

Rice to Riches, NYC

You can barely walk a few blocks around here without running into a frozen yogurt shop, juice bar or cupcake bakery. Last month I even asked about what the next big thing will be. I think I finally may have found it while in NYC recently. Called Rice to Riches, this is a shop selling various flavors of rice pudding. I had Butterscotch Boulevard and “Category 5” Caramel and it was ridiculously good. Maybe some day we’ll see a rice pudding fast food joint around here. This could be the next big thing…




Barbacoa Mexican Comfort Food Closes in Orinda Theatre Square

Orinda Theatre Square, Orinda

The sign in the window indicates that Barbacoa, the Mexican restaurant in Orinda Theatre Square is, “indefinately closed for remodeling”, and Diablo Dish reports that it will be replaced with a new restaurant called The Fourth Bore Tap Room & Grill, expected to open before Thanksgiving. They also note that Concord-based E.J. Phair Brewing Company will be crafting beer for the new restaurant. Check for updates at The Fourth Bore Facebook page here.



CREAM Coming Soon to Concord near Todos Santos Plaza

2070 Salvio St, Concord

Thanks to a reader for sending word (and photo) that the ice cream shop CREAM, known for their ice cream sandwiches, is coming to Concord near Todos Santos Plaza where Verizon Wireless used to be. Check out their menu here and follow the Concord CREAM Facebook page here.  Over the summer Loard’s Ice Cream opened around the corner and around the corner from Loard’s is Baskin-Robbins so there will be plenty of ice cream options at Todos Santos Plaza which is great news!