Walnut Creek Library Cafe Opening this Summer

The new downtown Walnut Creek library will finally be getting its own cafe serving sandwiches and Peet’s Coffee among other things, to be run by Cafe Pica Deli in Concord. They have operated cafes and restaurants for over 30 years according to a Walnut Creek city agenda report. The agenda goes into quite a bit of detail. For instance, rent will start at $1,250 per month, and the lease will generate $15,000 per year for the city. You can see the entrance to the cafe behind the Walnut Creek Library sign below, located at the corner of N. Broadway and Lincoln Ave. across the street from Maria Maria restaurant.

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  • Elizabeth Mackey

    It is about time!! I was majorly disappointed when the library opened, and there was not cafe, after they talked about it forever while it was being built. Can’t wait to see it when it is completed!

    • Same here, I was wondering what happened. Well, better late then never! As long as they serve good sandwiches at a decent price I’ll be happy.

  • WC

    Something that generates revenue is delayed this long, geez…. Big mistake in my mind. The cafe have the ability to be closed off from the rest of the library. This way, after the library closes or before it opens the cafe can operate. Patrons could sit outside.. poetry readings in the evening, maybe a box guitarist…. thinking outside the box and thinking about more revenue for the City.

    • Interesting, I believe the new Lafayette Library has the cafe separate from the main library. That’s a good idea. I wonder if they do that over in Lafayette.