Vineyard Vines Opens in Walnut Creek

1301 N. Main St, Walnut Creek

The wait is over as the the clothing store Vineyard Vines opened in the new 1500 Mt. Diablo building opened over the weekend. Check out the massive swordfish inside as you enter. If you’re into preppy clothing you’ll LOVE this store. Check out their online catalog here.


More photos after the jump…




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  • Elizabeth Mackey

    Hummm, not sure about this one.

  • Less_Government

    Can someone please explain the connections among whales, vineyards,vines and preppy clothes? Nice store but very odd branding. Also what do others think of the architecture of this building? A plus or a minus for this important corner of WC?

    • TheRobin

      LOVE LOVE LOVE the building! So glad that it got built.

    • Old curmudgeon

      Eclectic architecture at best. The only hoe is that the “living wall” will be allowed to cover everything except the yellow brick portions. The architect was certainly no Gaudi with inspired eclecticism. It will go a long way to cementing the WC’s reputation for banal suburban design.

    • The whale is the family logo of the two brothers who founded the store, Shep & Ian Murray from Connecticut. They started their business in 1998 in Martha’s Vineyard (hence vineyard) and the Trans-Atlantic slang for tie was ‘vine’ believe it or not. The whole building will be a slice of the East Coast as the Rooftop restaurant is from a former New Yorker and the pizza joint that’ll be right beside vineyard vines is a direct import from Manhattan.

      I feel WC is becoming a little too SoCal so it’s kind of nice to get a piece of the East Coast in town, in my opinion. When I went to college back east, VV was all we wore. I guess I’m one of those d-bags. 😉

      • Less_Government

        Thanks for the explanation, Enrico. All makes sense now (sort of).

  • Mike M

    Vineyard Vines – the official outfitter for young 20 something Connecticut post college d-bags.

  • kevin

    Love this building too. Looks terrific!