Up The Creek Records Now Carries Skateboards in Walnut Creek

Photos by Up the Creek Records

Up the Creek Records, which opened a couple of years ago at Tice Valley Plaza in Walnut Creek recently started carrying skateboards. This is a really fun, locally owned shop with plenty of interesting merchandise besides albums. Definitely check this place out if you’re in the area.

From an email:

The first independent skate shop to open in Walnut Creek in 20 years, Up The Creek is not your typical skate shop. They are hoping to welcome everyone to the sport, especially beginner skaters, girl skaters, LGBTQ skaters as well as creaky-kneed old skaters. Of course, with decks from Meow, Welcome, Foundation and Powell, trucks by Independent, and Theeve and wheels by Bones, Pig and Orbs, they will have all the gear needed for experienced shredders too. Sign up for their newsletter to hear about upcoming beginner skate clinics and plans to team up with Unity Skateboarding in Oakland to bring some Queer Skate sessions to this side of the tunnel. With Walnut Creek-based professional skateboarder Corey Duffel behind the counter on Thursdays, you know you are going to get good service! Stop in at Up The Creek Records, hear some great music, and check out the new Skate section.

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