• Elizabeth Mackey

    That is good news!

    On another note, I went to The Corners for Brunch this past Sunday,and I will have to say I was kind of disappointed 🙁 Service was really off, compared to the wonderful dinner I had. We ordered the duck confit hash, and the serving was miniscule. For me it was fine, since I should not be consuming large amounts of food, but I’m pretty sure the whole dish could have fit into a 1/2 cup!!! I’m really good at eye balling things, so I’m not exaggerating on this, and the guy friend that came with us was not pleased with the dainty portion! Saw the waiter once after we got our food, then he brought the bill and didn’t ask if we wanted dessert! When we told him we would like to see the menu for dessert, he seemed bothered and told us that he would have to get the main menu, because they were on there. Why he had to tell us this is beyond me. Then he lost our signed copy of the credit card ticket.
    They didn’t clear the dishes FOREVER! My feeling is that the brunch crew is the second tier wait staff and cooks, so I don’t think I will be going back for brunch. Dinner yes.
    Sorry to put this on this post, but I sure hope these people have their act together before the attempt breakfast.