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Jalsa Kitchen Opens at Diablo Plaza in San Ramon

Diablo Plaza, San Ramon

A bit late posting about this but the Indian restaurant Jalsa Kitchen opened late last year at Diablo Plaza in San Ramon. Check out their menu here. I stopped by recently and had their samosa chaat with garbanzo, mint, tamarind & yogurt which was delicious! If you’re in the area definitely drop by to try this place out.

From their website:

Jalsa Kitchen is an attempt by the well known Jalsa Catering & Events team to bring the devoured Jalsa food within the reach of food lovers in various cities in San Francisco Bay area. Our goal is to introduce the global community to the classic and modern aspects of the India food in a casual atmosphere. We are going to be adamant about sourcing high quality seasonal produce from the local farms. Quality and taste would be our core focus and we will leave the rest for our customers to decide.