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San Francisco Creamery Closes over Cockroach Infestation

Thanks to a reader for pointing out this SF Gate article that shows that San Francisco Creamery in Walnut Creek was closed by health inspectors over a cockroach infestation. For ice cream in downtown Walnut Creek check out Lottie’s Creamery or CREAM.

From the article:

Violations found by the health inspector on February 25 — four days after the business reported their last pest control visit — include seven or more live cockroaches (and droppings) on the refrigerator gasket at the cook line, as well as others on top of a soybean oil container next to a food prep sink, near a dishwashing sink and inside a cockroach egg case on a hotel pan.

Dead cockroaches were found on the gasket of the walk-in freezer, near the water heater, on top of a soap dispenser, inside a cabinet were soda machine is stored and next to a freezer that stores ice cream cakes.

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