Question of the Day

Question of the Day – How Bad is the Coronavirus Pandemic going to Get?

Photo by Unsplash user Kelly Sikkema

A little over two weeks ago there were zero local cases of coronavirus in Contra Costa with little concern among some who were more worried about spreading unfounded hysteria than the spread of the virus itself. Fast forward to today and at least 17 people in Contra Costa and thousands in the US are infected with coronavirus, with many more expected. Stocks are in a bear market with a 20+% drop over recent highs. The NBA, Coachella, and even Disneyland will close. Locally, most events and even schools are being cancelled with more  people working from home, leaving businesses like restaurants and cafes suffering from lack of diners.

Despite the gloomy news, some people aren’t worried and go on their day as if nothing changed besides possibly washing their hands more often. How much worse is this going to get? Will it peter out as summer approaches? Or will this lead to a recession with many more infections and deaths? Are you going to change your shopping patterns to go when it’s less crowded?