Progress on Veranda Shopping Center in Concord

Veranda Shopping Center, Concord

The look of the new Veranda Shopping Center in Concord next to WIllows Shopping Center is starting to take shape with the first buildings that looks similar to Spanish Colonial RevivalΒ and Mission Revival architecture. So far we know of the following shops which will be opening here:

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  • Barbosa

    Barnes and Noble was mentioned a while back. Do we have any more info on that?

  • Old curmudgeon

    I am surprised there is still investment money available to fund construction of new shopping centers like this. Also that there are any retail tenants willing to commit to retail space. I can understand Toys R Us wanting to rid themselves of their location on Contra Costa Blvd. at the unpronounceable parkway where the parking is difficult.

    There are too many shopping centers along the I-680 corridor as it is. Most have the same repetitious selection of chain stores. I think there is a bubble here that may soon burst leaving wastelands now unfit for any other purpose.

    And the trees (even if they were mostly eucalyptus) are now gone leaving a barren flood plain.

    • WC

      Trees can be replanted πŸ™‚

      • Old curmudgeon

        But they won’t provide any significant shade in my remaining lifetime.

        • GC

          The trees we are planting will be from 24″ box to 140″ boxes.. shade will be there during your life time so go enjoy.. take a book and relax in th village or plaza areas

  • Gina Romantica

    I do like the look of the buildings but wish they could have left the willow trees

  • Tom Stieber

    I really like the Mission style / colonial architecture, because it’s a nice tie-in to our California history. It’s really attractive. Hoping for more great tenants!

    • Old curmudgeon

      This style of architecture has been used extensively in Southern and central California for at least the last 10 years. However, it usually has each retail/restaurant in their own structure with great swaths of parking lot separating the structures. It does nothing but buttress the car oriented culture of the burbs. It does tend to mask vacancies as one retailer/restaurant after another flops. You don’t have to walk by the papered windows of failure. Event the faux downtown of Pleasant Hill semi-circle would be a preferable architectural alternative. Come to think of it the shopping area across from the Pleasant Hill semi-circle has sort of a Mission/Colonial architecture if you count just white stucco and red tile accents as reminiscent of California’s early history.

  • Alec

    T.J. Maxx, Cost Plus, EMC Seafood, Peet’s Coffee, and Sleep Number have also filed permits to open here. Haven’t seen anything in relation to Barnes & Noble.

  • Yikes ahootie

    IMAX just laid off a bunch of people, and Whole Foods is in some trouble… hmmmm.

    • Old curmudgeon

      Amazon has proposed buying Whole Foods. This could become a drone delivery launchpad.

  • Michael

    I’m wondering if it’s going to be real IMAX for LieMAX.

    • Tom Stieber

      Today’s IMAX theaters are typically just regular movie theaters with a license to show IMAX movies

  • Lyndunn

    Ugh. I wish they had gone more modern like The Willows, this just looks old fashioned and uninspired.

    • Tom Stieber

      I do like what they’ve done with the Willows, but I’m glad not everything is the same architecture or it would be too monotonous. Each Shopping Center should have its own atmosphere. I also find that today’s modern architecture often looks a little cheap. At least this looks more substantial. Old-fashioned? I mean, Spanish Colonial architecture goes back a few hundred years, so it is totally rooted in being old-fashioned comma but this is a style that’s currently being built around the state.

  • Nick

    Should be interesting to see what the Amazon acquisition of Whole Foods means for their 365 initiative. Those 365 stores were already supposed to be highly automated so perhaps it’s something they keep up although I could easily see them either drop the concept or make it more like their Amazon Go stores.

  • Steven Woodley

    As the GC I can answer any questions or comcerns you have about the Veranda. I have read the comments and can respond to them. Yes it’s a Santa Barbara look, but with the developers own style. The developer does not go cheap on their projects and the “Village Life Style” is a big part of the experience they want for the public. The white you see out there right now is just a base coat, paint is going on Whole Foods now. As far as the trees, there will be plenty of shade, the trees we are planting are anywhere from 24″ boxes up to 140″ boxes. The entry at the moment is scheduled to have large palms but the City is not wanting the palms so it migt change. For all the main type of species we removed we are required to replant 6 new. Barnes and Noble decided on not coming to our site, Cost Plus is also moving from the Willows to the Veranda. The theater will be a Cinema West Theater, very high end with a Full real IMAX. 10 screens total with food. The Village area which is the main public feature will have a 1.5 million dollar fountain with dancing water and music throughout the 30acre site. Within the Village will be 4 smaller buildings with future food or drink items . Within the Village will also be a ice rink for the holidays with all piping underground so it is not a eye sore like most. There is also a play structure for the all the kiddies. Any questions feel free to ask.

    • Yikes ahootie

      Nice to know! πŸ™‚

    • Anon

      Will they be using 2 of the Barco L/LHC series projectors? If you know, which model are they using? Thanks! πŸ™‚

      • GC

        Hi Anon I don’t have that info as of yet as they have not issued the final interior screen plans, as soon as they do I will let you know.

        • Anon

          Hi Steven! That sounds good. Thank you for providing all of this information! πŸ™‚

        • Anon

          Hi Steven! Do you have any updates on anything on the Veranda? Thanks, again! πŸ™‚

    • Thomas Menk

      Please insist on keeping the palms lining the complex. It enhances the final product, in this case a southern California shopping center. You go down to LA and the mission style shopping centers are all landscaped with fully grown palms. You don’t see traditional trees and shrubs. Try to change those narrow minded city planners to go with the palms!!

  • GC

    So we have added some more tenants to the Veranda , here is the current list:
    Whole Foods 365
    Cost Plus
    City Sport ( athletic club)
    Mukunis Resturant
    Cinema West IMAX with full restaurant
    Peet’s coffee
    Travis credit union
    EMC Seafood

    Currently leasing is in talks with Cheese Cake Factory, Urban Plate, and a few more name restaurants…. keep you posted πŸ‘

  • momof3

    Sorry to hear no bookstore. That’s the main reason I’d go. Nothing else is a big draw, as far as I’m concerned. Wonder who will take over Cost Plus’s spot in the Willows. Cheesecake Factory’s already in Pleasanton and WC. Do we really need another? The fountain and ice rink sound unique, so thankful for that.